How to Run 5 Wires Hibrid Stepper Motor with Arduino Uno?

Instead of doing surgery on your unipolar stepper, you can use it like a unipolar stepper. Some transistors to hook the motor to power (just get a darlington array chip), and four output pins on the arduino. Works fine

1. How to reverse direction of stepper motor with flip-flop

you could build a reversable quadrature counter like this:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab

2. Is it possible to control a stepper-motor with javascript?

Take a look at jython It is a python in javascript.

3. Is it possible to modify a 5 lead unipolar stepper motor to a bipolar?

Your stepper is probably wired like in the circuit below. When you tie Node 1 to Vcc, Node 5 to GND and leave Node 2 open, then the pole L3 and L4 sit on has a given polarity. However, when you release Node 1 and tie Node 2 to Vcc, the magnetic field will turn around on this pole. The dot of the inductor is on the other side.This also means that both inductors are in series with each other and their fields will amplify when the center node is released, and only nodes 1 and 2 are used. This would mean that the unipolar stepper would perfectly well work as a bipolar stepper with double voltage rating. ... if only the center tap was not connected to the center of the L1/L2. Depending on how you drive the four nodes, you may have an issue with the interconnected node 5. the center tap should not really be a problem, provided that when a coil is de-energized both ends are disconnected. This is usually the case with an H-bridge, but must be carefully checked for the specific type you plan to use.simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab

4. How to test a stepper motor without a microcontroller?

you can run your stepper motor by adding only one capacitor!in fact the stepper motor is like the synchronous motor it can run by the min ac power source. you need:- small transformer 4.5v x2 it comes with 3 wire use 2 wire (4.5v only) - capacitor of 10uf or 4.7ufconnet the circuit and have fun

5. 6 wires stepper motor sequence?

6 Wire Stepper Motor

6. What does BLU means in Stepper motor?

Rotational motion of a Stepper motor is converted to linear motion (using rack and pinion arrangement) by the leadscrew. This leadscrew has equally spaced horizontal teeths on which the rack and pinion arrangement moves to create translational (straight line) motion out of rotational motion .The smallest distance (no. of teeths of equal spacing) that a machine table can be programmed to move (programming resolution of the machine) is called a Basic Length Unit. Each BLU unit corresponds to the position resolution of the axis of motion.What does BLU means in Stepper motor?

7. DC motor vs Stepper motor vs Continuous servo - Which one should I use? [closed]

None of these motors necessarily feedback their position or speed to an external controller. A DC brush motor rotates when voltage is applied. The direction depends on polarity. Common servos contain a DC brush motor, an integrated controller, a gear box and position feed back to the integrated controller. External power and control signals, usually in the form of a synchronization pulse and position pulse, are supplied by an external controller.When DC voltage is supplied to one set of stepping motor coils the stepping motor moves to that position and stops. Consider an imaginary stepping motor with 3 sets of coils. Voltage is applied to 1 set of coils at a time. The direction of rotation of a stepping motor depends on the order voltage is applied to each set of coils. The speed depends on how fast voltage is switched from coil set to coil set. Real stepping motors combine more complex voltage patterns with fewer coils. Unipolar and Bipolar are examples of real stepping motors.Note, there are other types of motors, servos and steppers. Selection should be based on the application. Such as delicate finger work verses high torque arm movement

8. Reading stepper motor datasheets to get torque and speed

I would say that the information on the datasheet it incomplete, you need at least a torque vs. speed graph for the rated voltage, and whether it is being driven at half steps, quarter steps, etc... You can then scale the torque based on the voltage applied. See for example this datasheet which provides that sort of data

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