How/Should I Deal with the Playschool Teacher Who Makes the Toddler Colour by Holding Her Hand?

Have you try to have a real conversation with her(more than 2 minutes)? Explain your opinion and listen her answer. Try to understand each other

If you can't change playschool and can't make the teacher understand your opinion I think you will have to deal with it.

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mbed LPC1768 with optocoupler for 5 V output

Look at figure 13 in the datasheet. There is a load resistor between Vcc and the output pin. This is an open collector output, so you can use it to sink current from the motor, but only if you connect the positive of the motor to Vcc externally


How do I design HTML UI to indicate to both user and server that they can only use one fieldset out of two available?

I went ahead and implemented the radio button "switch", which could actually be changed to a "rocker" element as I don't expect a 3rd value to emerge. Here are the views for Motor selected and for Frame selected. I used jQuery to implement fieldset show/hide behavior.


Do we need a tag covering paragliding and similar sports?

The general rule is to create tags once they are needed, not create tags to then fill.If we start to get questions on this topic (I think Charlie is right in suggesting they'll probably go to aviation) then we can look at creating tags for them


Servo or motor with manual control closed

Motor that has no gearbox will be easier to manually turn when it is not powered.

Now, I don't know what you categorize as "easy" but this info will give you a starting point.And I don't get why the use of the "arduino-nano" and "arduino-uno" tag


Controlling a stepper with MATLAB closed

Adafruit Motor Shield V2 itself generates signals that are required for motor control.ULN2003 motor driver module requires signals at the input. This is a significant difference.Example of use this driver with MATLAB. Not need to flash Arduino any libraries.Wiring example (Copied from CheapStepper v0.



DC motor speed control -> motor heating up too much

Similar question here:

DC Motor - PWM vs VoltageWhen running at a lower voltage/higher duty cycle, you will need more power for a given speed/torque when compared to a higher voltage/lower duty cycle. More power means more heat, which is what you are seeing.


Peugeot 307 CC with power folding mirrors - Replacing Passenger side window motor with the same problem. Please goto this youtube and have a look. Maybe the problem is in the window switch.

..Callum DouglassExactly the same things happened to me and fixed it at no cost with about 30 mins work


Is there a limited number calling the PWM function from RPi.GPIO and does it interfere with video recording?

You really shouldn't be controlling servos with software timed pulses.However that is not the problem with the code.Have a look through think the problem is the stop/start of PWM which is not needed and eventually crashes the module.


How to cut bluestone slabs

I have cut sandstone with both a sidewinder and wormdrive. Use a high tooth count so it won't chip the edges as bad but it will work, also safety glasses / face shield gloves and even long sleeve shirt help protect you, thanks for what blue stone is


What do you do to improve your logical programming skills? duplicate

Yes programming will help, but any sort of logic/problem solving will help improve your programming skills. For example taking a formal course in logic, or solving Sudoku puzzles. There are some great websites out there with programming puzzles to try, look for project Euler for starters.


Maximum value of back emf in dc motor?

The back EMF is proportional to speed. As the load increases, the speed will decrease. That will cause the back EMF to decrease. Note that there is a voltage drop across the armature resistance. That voltage drop plus the back EMF is equal to the supply voltage


Circuit of a Rotor on an Induction Motor

I believe that jXr and Rr are for modeling electrical and magnetic properties of rotor windings (and magnetic circuit). Er is rotor part of theoretical transformer coil (when motor is mechanically stopped stator and rotor windings act like some sort of transformer ).There are 2 types of rotors:


What is interpolation in encoder?

It could be using a sine wave encoder, which outputs sine and cosine signals rather than square pulses. These are analog signals which can be processed by the controller to provide additional position information and improve the resolution beyond what is provided by the line count alone


Connect to wireless network on different subnet

Thank you for your answer. I have done the following.

Network Tab

...........Network RoleNot sure if I've completed everything correctly, but the .4 network is secured and I dont know where i can enter the settings to connect the nano station to this network.

Thanks for your help.


Do servo motor specifications take into account the gear ratio inside?

the torque rating is AFTER the gear can calculate the maximum load by the following equationTorque Force * Radiusif you try to lift 1.8-2.2kg load with this servo, you need to attach the load no farther than 6 cm away from the center of the horn.


How to move a Stepper Motor to a desired angle with raspberry pi?

You could add an angle sensor to the joint and make your stepper motor into servo.You could add limit switches to the joint, then at start up move the joint until the limit switch is reached and then you will know the position of the stepper


How should I set my furnace's DIP switches to allow thermostatic control of the fan's stages?

It turns out that it is indeed the DIP switch location and moving the 4th one to the left (the ON position) is the factory setting of 1 OFF, 2 ON, 3 ON, 4 ON. No other adjustments other than to the wiring between the thermostat and the furnace were required


Nicknames of M36 Gun Motor Carriage

British soldiers never gave it a name of anything. Why would they? They never used it."General Jackson" was the name assigned to the vehicle by Ordnance Branch in late 1944. US soldiers at the pointy end either never got the memo or, more likely, just didn't care.


PNP wont turn off

to turn it off you have to drive it close to the power rail (9v) something your arduino can't doBTW you need a current limiting resistor between D6 and the transistor's base .... and also, pulling D6 above 5V is likely to do bad things to the Arduino


Strategy for controlling the physics of a bike

To make the bike not only go forward, but also slow down, you need to apply decay when key is released.Pseudocode:On every frame, if the accelerate key is held down, then the decay will slow it down and speed value will return to 0 over time


How to lower the RPMs in small a DC motor

As you mentioned 5-10 RPM, I advise to go for a small gear-set rather than any control circuit (I can't guarantee but it might not be possible at least for a low price). Gear-set will be inexpensive and will be easily available at robotics or hobby shop


Is starter motor running if I hold the ignition switch at the START position?

The flywheel will accelerate faster than the starter motor and the ring gear will accelerate the starter dog since there is a bendix drive or over-run clutch to allow this to happen so the starter motor itself will not overspeed. This does create noise which most notice


What's your method of making time slow down?

I like to use Propellerheads Reason for stuff like that. Just open Rewire, load the effect into a sampler and use the pitchbend wheel. I think the suspension (fading out) of the ambiences and/or transitioning to new, special slow ambiences doubles the effect of time slowing.


Stepper motor resolution

The datasheet you cite is for a linear actuator, which is the combination of a stepper motor and a leadscrew. In order to convert from linear to angular measure, you would need to know the thread pitch (how far it moves in one rotation) of the leadscrew


electric gate motor

This is why garage door openers have pass transmitters that stop and reverse the door to prevent such an accident.Does your gate opener have any safety features to prevent this? If not then maybe you should look for one that has these safety features.Good luck!


Help with Wiring Multiple HATs to GPIO

The HATs is a bit flawed. I cant see that the GPIO's that control the HAT can be changed and this mean that "HAT 1" and "HAT 2" is using the same GPIO.And a reflection, a Raspberry Pi is a bit overkill, a Arduino could do the jobb


Did I fry my arduino? closed

Assume it's all toast, since much of it likely is. Even the parts that aren't obviously charred could be damaged or will now fail soon under ordinary use.Ditch it and don't look back. Otherwise you'll just spend a lot of time with flaky results at best.


Circuit to prevent spark from plugging Li-po batteries into motor driver with filtering capacitors

You should use soft start to prevent this situation . transient voltage should be ramp , not step . After battery you can use a mosfet for switching to PWM and so you can adjust your duty like ramp .

(time of ramp should be similiar with time constant of RC)


Should there be a minimum rep needed to comment on a question?

Absolutely keep a minimal rep requirement for comments. It's an anti-robot measure. If you're a user of a certain rep on another stack, you get bonus points that immediately allow commenting on a new stack. A review process would just cause more use for users and mods.


How can I build a Small Jet Engine?

What type of jet engine do you want to build? Turbojet, Ramjet, Scramjet, Turbofan, Pulse Jet?I recommend building a pulse jet engine. They are very simple to build and you get an introduction to thermodynamics and design. Home made jet & pulsejet co.



Verification of Lenz's law in magnetic induction

I'm not entirely sure what the question is. I can only suggest that perhaps you're confused at to which direction the electrons flow. Electrons flow in the opposite direction to the conventional direction of current flow, and everything else makes sense as far as I can see.


Power loss at company

Inter-server dependencies / server boot order will be best laid out ahead of time, too. For example, if it's a windows network, power up DC's first, then database servers, then exchange, etc. This is a great list for your documentation, in any case.

Minimizes restarts and logfile spam.


What programming language is Stuxnet written in?

According to some analysis, Stuxnet was written "was written in multiple languages, including C, C and other object-oriented languages." Source code is not available, but binaries can be found in the right places. You can try Googling around. I suggest confirming the hash with a reputable site.


Simulating an object floating on water

Farseer physics supports all kinds of force and intertia application, so that wouldn't be a problem, I'm not 100% sure though if Farseer already supports fluid bodies (for the water) but if that's supported then it should be ok. (Also note that Farseer is a 2D physics engine)


Mosfet PWM signal not square

What you might be seeing is the energy stored in the motor discharging back thru the diode when the mosfet turns off. When you look at it with an oscilloscope the parasitic capacitance of the mosfet (about 1nF) takes ages to discharge thru the scope's input impedance


Dell error code 0141 - No drive detected

This occurred to me after a bad firmware update of the hard drive. It basically means the computer, for whatever reason, is not getting an answer back from the hard drive. It is more than likely its the drive, or the drives controller, and not the motherboard.


Can power factor be calculated based on nominal power and rated input power?

The power factor at rated load is the rated input power, 3.3 kW divided by the rated input kVA 400 x 5.4 x sqrt(3) / 1000 3.741; 3.3 / 3.741 0.88 pf. If the motor load is less than rated load, the power factor will be lower. Most motor manufacturers can supply data for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full load


What is the function of the capacitor between ground and 12V?

The 47-uF capacitor is not used to supply the inrush current, which would be needed to start the motor: it's value is too low to do the job (the IGBT handles 7A, so the motor will be quite powerful). It is likely used as a noise suppressor


What is this contraption?

It looks like it might be a air-powered propeller. You pump up the bottle with air, and the high pressure is used to run a air motor that spins the propeller. This might have been part of a toy airplane, with the wings and tail now gone.


NXT Program doesn't do what it's supposed to do

You just need to make the blocks match your pseudo code. The missing part is "Stop Motor B". Adding blocks to stop motor B will help.Also, stop motor B needs to be before starting motor A, otherwise motor A will run while motor B is running


Does autofocus feature work on Nikon D5500 using the Tamron AF 70-300 F4-5.6 DI LD macro for Nikon?

Yes it will. The D5500 does not have an autofocus (AF) motor in the body, so only lenses which have AF motors built-in will autofocus on that camera body. But the Tamron AF 70-300mm does have an AF motor, so it will autofocus on the D5500

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