How May an Apple's USB Port Be Used to Control Simple Electronic Devices E.g. LED(s)?

A cheaper solution would be to buy for example a Texas Instruments EZ430-F2013. It costs 24$ from TI, and might be gotten cheaper other places. I know earlier one they were giving these out for free. It's a small USB-device in a clear case that has a LED on it already. No need for any real electronics knowledge, soldering or anything like that.It comes with development tools and sample programs for you to customize.

1. Emergency crank radio/flashlight with built in USB port for charging iphone?

Check with Radio Shack

2. does standard dvd players play avi files via usb port?

Normal standard video DVD player only recognize the standard video DVD, can not play avi files, avi is media container, can be encoded with different video codec or audio codec, no DVD player support all avi files, but if your DVD player have USB port, I think your DVD player support Divx AVI Video or Xvid AVI Video, so if you want to play your movies via usb drive in DVD player, you should convert your movies to Divx/Xvid AVI movies, then then tansfer to your USB disk, there is an easy way can help you, you can try RZ DVD Creator, it can convert any movies to Divx AVI Video/Xvid AVI Video/Standard video DVD, it can save the target videos on USB drive, or directly burn to dvd disc. it support HD Divx/Xvid videos, You can customize the size of the target Divx/Xvid AVI videos. You can yahoo or google search and download RZ DVD Creator, work well on my computer, easy to use, good quality, most functionality, hope it can help you.

3. How do I connect a wireless mouse & keyboard with one USB and a PS/2 cord? I have the USB port, not the ps2?

You turn on your modem

4. is this headset compatible with the xbox 360 if attached through the USB Port? Microsoft LifeChat XL-3000?

Nope. For the 360, the headset has to plug into the controller. Gaming headsets like the Turtle Beach line plug into both the controller and the USB port to transmit game sound along with voice. You must have one that at least plugs into the controller in order to talk. I have the 3000 for my computer and it requires drivers (the disk it came with). You can not use a headset that requires drivers on your 360 because they can not be installed

5. Are there any printers that support the printing of word documents via the USB port?

I think shrek is a pretty dope guy

6. Does anyone manufactor a wireless mouse for a wireless capable laptop that doesnt use an USB port? Dan?

yeah mighty mouse, but they run on bluetooth instead of "wireless signal connection"

7. What is the name of the "xBox" or "Playstation 2" controller that plugs into a USB port?

a joystick? just search for microsoft gameing controller, its the same controller but you get a wireless interface to plug into your pc. I myself prefer a mouse and keyboard to any joystick or controller

8. What am I doing wrong? Video Capturing Question.?

USB port on Hi8 camcorder? So far I have not seen any Hi8 camcorder with a USB port

9. I think my USB Port on my computer is broken. What do you think?

Unless you are using a port at the rear of the computer, you want to check that the cable from the motherboard to the front-panel has not come adrift. Without re-installing Windows, it is hard to say they ports are definitely blown for sure (unlikely, I have yet to see one) and re-installing windows is not something we like doing. Re-installing is the best option open to you however.

10. I plugged a memory stick into the usb port of my computer...........?

I had the exactly the same problem before.You will need a paper clip. 1. Unplug your computer and open your computer case. 2. Disconnect all of the power supply cords from the motherboard. 3. Take the longest power supply connector (should have like 24 pins). 4. Take the paper clip and form a "U"shape. 5. Stick it in the green and any black wires of the longest power supply connector and plug in the computer. The fan should start to spin. 6. Unplug computer again and plug in the power supply cords. 7. Close the case and plug computer in. Do not use that USB port again!!! If the fan does not spin then your power supply is bad!!!!

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