How Does a Starter Solenoid on a Lawn Mower Work?

An engine, whether on a lawn mower or an automobile, needs a significant amount of power to start. The battery provides the engine's starter with power to engage the flywheel. The flywheel then turns the crankshaft to start the engine in motion. The starter solenoid is needed to engage the starter motor. How It Works The starter solenoid is a small magnetic device located inside the starter motor. When you turn the ignition key on in the "start" position, the battery sends a small electrical charge to the starter solenoid. The solenoid closes a switch that results in a larger amount of current being sent to the starter motor. The starter motor shaft begins to rotate and engage the teeth of the flywheel. Troubleshooting If the battery is low or dead, the starter solenoid cannot be charged to engage the starter motor. Fully charge the battery. If the battery is charged, but the starter still isn't engaging, there might be a small mechanical failure within the starter motor. References (1) 2CarPros: How a Starter and Solenoid Works Photo Credits Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

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