How Do You Explain Yourself, When You Make a Mistake?

Thanks Dominique for A2A. Very interesting question.Its easy to try to get defensive or blame others to cover up when you make a mistake. Dont do that. I would say, make that your leadership moment! Accept it, learn from it and move on.Being transparent and taking ownership is good. Acknowledge your mistake and issue an apology if needed. The key should be:if the impact of the mistake can be contained.what can be done to avoid such mistakes in future.

Make it action oriented and convey clearly to all stakeholders.Share your learnings from it.A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

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Are the riots going to sway the 2020 election results one way or another?

Unknown, but I am sure it will have an effect. Trump's biggest enemy, as usual, is his own mouth.Democrats are drumming up that Trump does not care about black people and wants to stop them protesting. They refer to Trump's threat of military force. Democrats are also demonizing police and siding with the protestors. The alliance with the media helps get this message out.

However, Democratic stronghold cities are being destroyed by rioting, looting, and arson. The Democrats appear to be against the police, implicitly supporting the destruction.It doesn't help that Democrats chose an old white man to run against Trump.

Most conservatives, with the exception of a few morons like Tom Cotton and Trump's mouth, have wisely kept silent


Which song is better, "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Stairway to Heaven"?

For me it will always be Stairway to Heaven. I dont even consider Bohemian Rhapsody as their greatest song. I dont know why it so popular. I mean yeah I heard the lyrics and its great but I never felt this song like I felt the Stairway to Heaven. The song (Stairway to Heaven) gets deeper into my heart. Every moment of this song is precious. The tempo changes was a great thing.But theres always been debates which one is better. Its a never ending debate. But Ill always choose Stairway to Heaven. I never get bored with this song. But finally its just an opinion for me.


When did the decay of the Dutch empire begin? What factors contributed to its fall?

The Netherlands, in the century & a half or so before the French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars, had become a very competent and extremely wealthy State, with small holding in South America, South Asia and Africa, and far larger ones in what is today Indonesia.However, its lack of population, small size, powerful continental neighbors (in particular France), and the position of its ports -all of them vulnerable of blockading- made impossible for the Dutch to keep a sizable empire: besides some islands in the Caribbean and the very large holdings of the Netherlands East Indies, the rest of its commercial/colonial adventures were lost, most of them during and after the Napoleonic Wars.Map from Wikicommons.::


What was the impact of WW1 on Russia?

Huge human & material losses in mostly lost battles, economic crisis, a complicated many-sided civil war of appalling bloodiness, wars of independence fought by subject nations (some successfully, some not), foreign intervention, famine, pogroms, epidemics, mass slaughter of real & imagined political opponents by security services of various sides, & the flight of at least hundreds of thousands.And of course, revolution.By 1921 the total income of the territory within the boundaries of the post-war USSR was about 40% of its pre-war level. The population of the current territory of Russia is estimated to have dropped by 13 million between 1914 & 1920, & many more had died in what are now Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, & Poland.

Long-Term Population Statistics for Russia 1867-2002, Kazuhiro KUMO, Takako MORINAGA, And Yoshisada SHIDA, 2007.Russias Home Front, 1914-1922: The Economy. Mark Harrison & Andrei Markevich, 2012


How long did your 'dark night of the soul' last?

About 6 years.Constantly.It was brutal at times but letting go has been a grief process after grief process. There was no choice. I couldnt do any formal meditation practice.All I could do was watch the feelings and make sense of what was coming out.

I have no regrets. The peace and stillness is lovely. And the insights I gained now help me to empathise with others in new areas of life and to share the methods I created to get me through it.Ultimately its all appearance but I find there is a natural flow to it.Im writing a book about how meditation methods can be adapted to help with recovery from abuse. Quora is proving useful in prompting content.Thank you for posting the question


I've just taken an autism self test, and was puzzled by some questions. Do autistic people have difficulty to make up a story?

No. Yes. Maybe.Some do, some don't. It's a very underailed question.A lot of people with autism struggle to come up with a relevant, good story off the top of their heads. Others are born story tellers, though not many.Either it wasn't the most scientific of tests, or the question is there as a dead question, one that does not impact the scoring no matter the answer.

It's the sort of question where you would ask a peeeon to tell a story about something, and then assess based on how they go about it, as opposed to whether they find it hard/easy. And an internet quiz cannot do that


What are the causes of failure of social movements in India?

I don't know if I am misinterpreting your question but according to me, maximum social movements were successful in India. Basically they can be categorized in to 3 types :1 Reformist2 Redemptive3 RevolutionaryBack to history, to name a few , Revolt in 1857, Bengal revolt in 1859 and other social movements which made Indian Independence lead by Gandhiji such as Satyagrah, Non Cooperation movement, , Quit India Movement, etc then... Peasant movements, Dalit Social movement in early 1970's all lead towards Indian Independence and growth. nAnyhow, Social Movement is to solve a social issue for the betterment of public and country as a whole. If there occurs some barriers in any social movement in India then it may be due to our diversity (in religion, languages , etc ) and lack of education


Can I expect to be a team leader if I am the only one in the company with this current role and they want to expand?

Forgive me, Im not quite sure I understand your question. If Im not mistaken, youre saying you are already a team leader, is that correct? If so, why should your companys expansion impact on this position? If anything, as a company grows, there will be increased opportunities to develop ones career. Thus, if you are no longer satisfied with your current role and feel ready for an increase in responsibility, this might be a good moment to express this desire with your manager. If, on the other hand you feel expansion will threaten your position, it is a great time to invest in your professional skills growth. If you feel you need support in any area, ask for training or do something on your own to become more secure


Will the band Greta Van Fleet be as great as Led Zeppelin was EVER?

I like GVF. They sound good.They get compared to Zep a bunch, and all of them are big fans. Yet as long as they sound like a Zep tribute band, they will only ever be good. They need their own sound to move into great territory. And I hope they do find it.

One thing that separates the two is influences. Zeppelin was influenced by 60s rock, old blues, jazz, English folk music, and music from all over. GVF is influenced by 60s and 70s rock bands mostly.

I'm going to give GVF a few years before I make any significant judgment on them. They are young and if they don't screw up they can develop a lot


What do you think the biggest reason for the German defeat in WW2 was?

To me its logistics.An army needs supplies constantly, that goes without saying. The Germans had a few major logistic problems:The country wasnt functioning at war time production levels until a number of years into WW2.Having horses pull your supplies and armaments during any type of fixed piece battle is a recipe for disaster.

Not having a plan in place to supply your field armies/corps for long periods of time.Its pretty telling that Rommel outran his supply lines in North Africa, as did Guderian during the blitz. Then theres Paulus who was hung out to dry by his overstretched supply lines and the Luftwaffe failing miserably.

If the Germans had better logistics their chances of at least suing for peace wouldve increased exponentially


Which are collectively better musicians, Led Zeppelin or Rush?

OK, I'm just going to be blunt here ( so please forgive me) ... this type of comparative question, especially in music, is patently stupid. It's similar (if not identical) to asking "who's a better painter, Van Gogh or Rembrandt?".

.. It just makes no sense at all to ask this question. Just don't. ALL the members of BOTH bands are musically brilliant, but the ONLY thing worth thinking about (and listening to) is the music they ALL made TOGETHER. It isn't about 'Lifeson vs. Page' or 'Peart vs. Bonham' (by the way, go read what Neil has said about Bonzo). And in the end, it isn't about Rush VS. Zeppelin (or Queen, or Stones, or Who, et al).Just don't make comparisons - just love the music./rantoff


How did the Battle of Verdun come to symbolise WWI? (for the French, at least)

Thanks for the A2AVerdun serves as the gateway to Paris and should the Germans win there, they will have a direct route to the French capital and if that happens it would be considered a disastrous repeat of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 for France. It became a symbol of defiance and pride, the French threw everything into Verdun to prevent the Germans from having a straight shot into Paris, the heart of their country. France already lose two wars against Prussia: the first is the Napoleonic War and second is the aforementioned Franco-Prussian War and to lose a third one is unthinkable for their status as a world power might be put into question should that happen. Verdun became a meat grinder on which French pride and prestige depended on


I am looking to purchase a smart 3D LED TV (40 inch). I have 2 options, a Samsung H6400 or a Sony W800. Sony is much more expensive than Samsung. Which one should I purchase?

If Sony is the one that support Passive 3D technology, then go for it it's the best 3D tech out there, Samsung uses active 3D tech and so needs Battery operated Active shutter glasses that are a pain on eyes and also not recommended for many other reasons. But if both uses the Active 3D tech, go for Samsung, it has a better after Sale support.And don't forget to install the TV atleast 8feet from the place u sit and watch and also it must be PARALLEL to ur eyes the top of the TV otherwise u will face GhostImaging problem like every 8/10 3D TV buyers face.

I'm using a LG 3D TV for last 3 years and it took me one year to resolve the GhostImaging problem


What did the Shahi Imaam ask for in return for muslim votebank from Sonia Gandhi?

Haha earlier his son in law got a ticket to contest the elections when he was supporting samajwadi party back then. Now it can't be the same for obvious reasons , so probably he would be enjoying a part of assets and monetary benifits earned by the ruling government.nI feel pity for the people who blindly go with the words of some quack dummy so called messengers of god( ehh.


.those of you who are thinking i am being irrational and non secular,the same applies for Ramdev and you can unbend your conscience). Please don't let someone's business strategies affect the functioning of your brain.What did the Shahi Imaam ask for in return for muslim votebank from Sonia Gandhi ?.


What is Axl Rose like in person?

I met him before he became famous. He was kind and intelligent. Quick witted and enjoyed a laugh. He was charming and working hard to try and land a record deal.I knew he would be successful he worked so hard for everything. I met him at a state fair in LA right before Guns and Roses had become the new band.

I was 19 at the time and he must have been 23. I was the only one listening at the early morning show. We talked for about twenty minutes. During his smoke break.I told him not to give up because he would be famous within the next year or two. I was able to tell a lot about him because I've always been intuitive

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