How Do We Say U2018hellou2019 in Telugu?

In the old cinema 'Jagadeka Veeruni Katha' starring NTR and BV Saroja Devi etc.., they used hala as almost synonym for hello....But hello is used as it is....Telugu people embrace words from other languages freely and happily....

As others mentioned, you can say Namaskaram or Namaste or Namo Vaakamulu greet a person...esp. elders and people in respectable position in society.Emoy bagunnavaa! or Emandi Baagunnaaraa are the colloquial ways of greeting people with whom we are on more familiar terms....

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Do you consider it racist or discriminatory if a Chinese local shouts hello at a foreigner?

Nah it's just annoying when you live with it for a while. When I first get to China I'm all smiles at the friendliness of the people here. When I'm on month 10 and getting ready to go home for the school break, the constant echo of "hello" from complete strangers shouting it at me (often once I've already walked by) and grinning expectantly like they're waiting for a clever parrot to repeat a word makes me want to start taking heads off every time I hear it. I wouldn't call it racist, just depending on my mood and the day it can drive me nuts


What is the basic difference between 'Hi' and 'Hello'? Is it something that you can say 'Hi' is for 'Girls' and 'Hello' is for boys?

Both the words hi and hello carries similar meaning. It's just that hello is more formal than hi. And addressing your question regarding boys and girls, it's not related to any gender thing I guess. I never followed the trail of hello to boys and hi to girls. It totally depends upon the convenience of our tongue. I am comfortable with hi, so whenever I meet any of my friends or relatives I say hi. And if there is some official work hello is preferred mostly. So it's upon your choice whether to say hi or hello irrespective of any gender issue


How do you say "Hello, my name is" in Welsh?

We would say "Helo, (Name) yw fy enw i"- a direct translation would be "(Name) is my name".We have a Welsh nursery school song that teaches this - sitting in a circle with several kids and take it in turns to sing each child's name, then moving on to the next child and asking their name:"(Name) yw fy enw it, fy enw i, fy enw i, (Name) yw fy enw i, Beth yw dy enw di?""


Who first came up with "Hello Kitty?"

Hello Kitty was created by Yuko Shimizu nYuko Shimizu designed Hello Kitty at Sanrio in 1974, but left the company in 1976 after she got married. From what I've read Sanrio owned the rights to the character so Yuko Shimizu did not make millions off of her design.Yuko Shimizu mentions she was inspired by the kittens at the beginning of Through the Looking-Glass.

Since then there have been teams of artists at Sanrio that work on the Hello Kitty franchise, with the current lead Hello Kitty designer being Yuko Yamaguchi


How do you respond to a friend who was recently pissed off at you and then tentatively says hello?

Depends upon how good a friend that they were beforehand.

A really good friend gets the benefit of the doubt. After all, they have probably been in the same position with you. A so-so friend or a casual acquaintance would probably enjoy somewhat less tolerance and their actions might even end the friendship.

Additionally, it depends upon how they approach you. If they act as if it was your fault, but they "forgive you anyway" then their greeting would probably get a cool response. If they genuinely wanted to move past what happened, then you should probably put it in the past.


How do you say "hello" in Hungarian?

Sometimes they say szia, but it is slang, originally from the English see you. We use it as hello and goodbye. You can also use hello in Hungarian. They also use it as goodbye. Its funny that sometimes when you greet someone, you say see you, and as farewell you say hello in Hungarian. But its all slang, just very common slang. If you want fo be formal you say: J napot! or J napot kvnok! (meaning: Good day! or I wish you a good day!)


Hello! Can someone please text me? I have a lot on my mind tonight.

Let me strongly suggest that you do not do that whatsoever! First of all the "teen" in your Avatar would draw out any predator types, this is a big No-No you need to not do this!there are plenty of free open-source nstant messenger applications that will keep you safe and under a vail of privacy do not give anyone your number and do not get ahold of anybody that is dangerous,that's my opinion do with it what you want....Cheers and best wishes.!Teen Rant


What is the correct past tense for "say"?

Say- said -said.note: say is an irregular verb.although the second and the third forms are similar ( which is very common in english verbs both regular and irregular ones) they are still easily distinguished for the second form is solely used in the past simple tense and never perceeded by a auxilliary verb.the third form must be used after an auxilliary verb such as have/has to form the present perfect tense or any form of verb to be to create passive voice.good luck


How do you say "hello" in Runasimi?

There are different ways of saying "Hello" in Southern Quechua.Here's a few:¿Imaynallam? - It literally means, more or less, How? but it's used to say How are you? instead of saying Hello.It's pronounced differently, depending on the dialect.

¿Imaynallam kachkanki? - This literally means How are you doing? but it's also used to say How are you? and used as a greeting as well.Serafín Coronel-Molina, in his Quechua Phrasebook (Lonely Planet) uses Napaykuyki as the equivalent of Hello, but as far as I know, I don't know of any Quechua speaker who uses it


How would you write the "Hello World" program in C if you were not allowed to use any of its libraries (including the standard one)?

I would write inline asm (assembly language). Simple and straightforward.

and compile it using g:g -Wall -m32 -fasm-blocks There are multiple styles to write it,so you can look for examples online. It looks like this in the middle of c code:asm

push eax;

push ebx;

push ecx;

pop ecx;

pop ebx;

pop eax;Thats the approach Id try out if asked to write a c program without using libraries, including iostream or cstdio.15 years ago I wrote small programs using .286 asm with int21 interrupt. A quick googling showed that it is still a valid approach:

Print Message Inline Assembly


Why will the output of the given code be hello?

Look in If condition we are using assignment operator instead of . operator checks that whether the two values are equal or not then return 1 or 0 depends. So we know that 1 stands for true in computer science and 0 for false . But in what happens is that when we assign any non zero value it is true and 0 for false so if(a1)->if(a)->if(1)-> in the if condition we have assigned 1 which is true so this is true condition. So it goes to the if only not else


What happens, if I say hello to you?

Well the answers are infinite .1.If I m a jerk-I would not even care to reply or even look at you.2. Ifm a NORMAL person-Would respond by saying -Hi or Hello and How are you ?(If I know you already).3.Then comes a really annoyed me .I would just give you a smirk or probably avery angry look .

4. If a boy is asking this to me (*a stranger girl) ,there is a high possibility that you get and answer as - Yes?!(both a question and a statement).and so on depending on what is the mood/nature/gender of the person


What is the significance of 'Hello World' in programming?

It was first used in the book The C programming language.This is the first program in a given language.

It forces you to cover the administrative trivia.

1. Understand the file system

2. Use a text editor

3. Use the command line or GUI

4. Compile the source code

5. Execute the source code and see the results.The other reason is to get a feel for the language.

Does it use braces or is it wordy?

Is it using a lot of strange keywords, or is it trivial?Hello, World demonstrates that you are ready to start programming, and have gotten the process to build a program out of the way.


In the major romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian), all their words for "hello" are different. Why?

One should define salutation with a bit more care here, because while you are right in that these Romance languages do have different ways of expressing hello (hola (Spanish), ol/oi (Portuguese), salut (French), ciao (Italian)), their ways of greeting according to the time of day are remarkably similar (buenos das (Sp), bom dia (Ptg), bonjour (Fr), buongiorno (It), and similarly for good afternoon, good evening, and good night). The former phrases are less formal and may derive from more colloquial sources which, in difference to standardised literary norms, are less unified and are much more dependent on dialectal sociolinguistic factors which may have given rise to these geodialectal discrepancies


What is the meaning of hello and why do people start a conversation on phone with hello?

The word 'Hello' is basically a greeting. Studies find that people respond better to ideas from basically anyone when they have a positive attitude in the conversation, and a simple 'hello' can help improve anyone's day in the tiniest of ways.As for your question, it is basically the same thing.

Not just on the phone, but speaking anywhere and opening conversation with a 'hello' is now a general custom (which is a good thing) and an almost reflexive action (which is even better).Thanks for the A2A.


What is the easiest way to print "hello world" in Java without main class?

Till java 7 it was possible to print without main ( ) like the code I have written below,public class Test static System.out.println(Hello World);System.exit(0);The System.exit method halts the execution of the current thread and exits program even before jvm looks for main( );From java 8 user gets a jasper exception if one tries to code without main( ).Alternatively you can use empty main ( ) , for example the code below !public class TeststaticSystem.


println(Hello World);public static void main(String args) Happy coding!!!


What makes Adele's song "

What makes Adele's new song so popular is the fact that it is just that good. Hello is very well-produced, managing to capture every change in dynamic within Adele's beautiful voice, which successfully expresses to listeners her feelings of love and loss with boatloads of vulnerability and honesty. There is so much depth to the tune compared to your average pop song nowadays, which makes it even more relatable to the listeners, proving that when one can really interpret a song well, he or she does not need any gimmick such as excessive melismas or unnecessary high notes to attract listeners - this, to me, is where the track succeeds.


What is the meaning of the coming C program line? Printf ("%d", printf ("%s","Hello world!"));

The first printf function waits for the second one and then prints whatever is returned by the second printf function.Here comes the interesting part, although most people don't know it, the printf function has a return type. It returns the number of characters it printed.

Now let's work it out :The first printf waits for the second oneThe second one prints "Hello World!" without quotesThe second printf returns the number of characters printed (here it is 12)The returned result acts as input of the second print with the %d tag and gets printedResult :Hello World! / After internal print executesHello World!12 /After both printf have stopped printingHappy programming


My boyfriend's peers ignore me, they don't say hello or anything. What could be the cause of this?

Many things and nothing at all.Could be because your man told them not to talk to you or get to know you. Why? Because hes not really serious about you.Or! Yes. Theres an or. Maybe his friends think youre so goddam beautiful, they are speechless by the sight of you and afraid to catch feelings.

Haha, I really dont know. But I wouldnt waste my time worrying about it. Who cares right?As long as you got your man everything should be fine. Just relax and enjoy this

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