How Do They Make Banana Yarn? What Machinery Is Used for It?

In order to create this plant fiber, the trunk of the tree is soaked in nearby rivers for softening, making it more manageable to separate the fibers, which are then extracted - either by a stripping machine, or by hand - and then knotted in to yarn.How do they make banana yarn? What machinery is used for it?

1. i am wondering if my excavator bulldozer and other heavy machinery skills would be of any help in Haiti?

If you can afford to ship it and pay your airfare then you are wanted

2. were the luddites justified in mounting their attack on machinery?

syazwani.. apabila anda mendapat jawapan yg betul tentang soalan yg diajukan.. saudari akan mendapat 4.00 didalam subjek Engineering Society!!!! YYYYeeeeehhhhaaaa!!!! Hidup polymer!!!!

3. Are metal sheds any good for storage?

Wrong question!!! Should be - What do I need to consider for storing machinery? Answer is - Moisture. No mater what shed you store in, you have to keep moisture levels down or protect the machinery from moisture. Oil, wax, grease, etc. will protect your equipment from the effects of moisture. So will maintaining a low humidity environment.

4. What would a hospital do for hypothermia?

Patients are typically kept over night, pending how severe it is. State of the art technology has allowed some new methods which include raising blood temperature through machinery that allows slow temperature increase (sudden increase in temperature can lead to death). Other wise they are kept warm with blankets and towels while vital signs are monitered.

5. Do experimental physicists make the physics machinery and devices for theoretical physicists to test?

A2A.: No. NO! Hell, NO!!!But -in a different sense, kind-of/sort-of, somewhat, guardedly... y-yes -but not necessarily (nor preferably) in that order.First of all, as written, the only sensible answer to the question is the first sentence in Mark John Fernee's answer (see also Simon Bridge's and Jonathan Hardis's answers), and without his disclaimer. If the Pauli effect does not convince you, I can provide first-hand (and quite disastrous) experimental data on the topic. To be clear: theoretical physicists do not test their theories using the machinery that experimentalist make. That is one of the things taht experimentalist do: Theorists theorize, experimentalists experiment. The two approaches to understanding Nature are complementary, and require very different skills, and even mindsets. I know no one who has both. Now, with this "subtlety" clarified, there is a "yet, somehow..." By the nature of its logistics, cheap tabletop experimenting can be done haphazardly and free if any theoretical preconceptions. That is how Alessandro_Volta discovered batteries! That is how Alexander_Fleming discovered penicillin! That is how Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction! None of these epoch-making discoveries (to name but an extremely very few!!) have been performed with intentions of testing a theory-as some theorists might have developed it! It is true, of course, that those experimentalists do know the established theoretical background which pertains to the experimenting that they perform; they don't just step off the proverbial ledge "to see what would happen." The emphasis here is however on the motivations and intentions -and therefore the breadth and width of experimenting, when not focused on testing a specific theoretical prediction or chiseling a measurement to one more decimal place. (Not that there is anything wrong with that either! We do need all kinds of experimenting!!)Such experimenting (and discovery!!) "unbridled" by intentions to test an existing theory is of course still happening today.n( Experimentalists: do chime in, please! )But no longer in elementary particle physics.By the nature of its logistics, multi-billion-dollar installations such as CERN exist and operate by the graces of extremely complex ekono-socio-political syzygy of some 23 partnering member-states and 50 observer-nations... Such experiments do in fact get designed to test a known theory. (Can you imagine convincing hundreds of politicians and bankers to approve the use of land and other multi-billion dollar resources to "see what happens if..."???) It can, of course, happen that an experiment designed to "X" ends up indicating "Y" -wholly unexpectedly, surprising both the experimentalists and the theorists. However, in carefully tuned multi-billion-dollar installations, chances of that happening are essentially tuned out....and therein lies at least one of the difficulties of the predicament in which elementary particle physics (a. k. a. fundamental physics) finds itself in the past several decades.Do experimental physicists make the physics machinery and devices for theoretical physicists to test?

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