How Do I Get the Horrific Stench of Milk Out of the Mattress?

Before you think of throwing mattress out. Try a product called Frebreeze. Spray every surface of your mattress with it. But remember that i never used it on sour milk smell. So I'm not sure how well it will work on that. It does work on the other smell though

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Can I scotchguard my son's mattress?

Scotchguard would not be a good idea for the reasons others have mentioned. We sell a water-based waterproofing spray that is heat activated and should last through several washings. Just spray and throw in the dryer on the highest heat settings allowed. It also dries odor free and does not affect the feel of the fabric.

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what do you do with your bed after bombing your house for fleas?

I've never had to bomb for fleas but I would carefully vacuum the mattress and box springs, dust the bed frame, then would wipe them all down with a slightly damp cloth. Should be fine to go ahead and put the linens on.

Note: after you vacuum, be sure to empty the vacuum bag as it could contain flea eggs that will start to hatch in a few days.


Why am I peeing in the bed at age 14?

notwithstanding if it somewhat is urinating, take him to a urologist, it is often fairly embarrassing for him as he grows up, and it somewhat is a scientific concern. usually brought about by very deep sleep and an overactive bladder. this is no longer a psycological subject, it somewhat is a scientific subject that desires to be taken care of.


What kind of bedding is this?

sounds like a duvet cover for a king sized bed. do a search for "duvet cover" and see if that is what you have. its a cover for a blanket you might have that maybe looks shabby or whatnot. the idea of those is that you can change them seasonally or whatever to match your room or update it and such


How can you tell if you have bedbugs?

At the moment you do not have bed bugs , All you can do is be vigilant and keep a lookout. The trouble with bed bugs is that they are flat and can hide in any crack and crevice. Please don't live in fear of them as you most likely will never get them again.


what do i have my body legs my eyes..?

I had been itching for 3 months and no one could figure it out! I had to try and figure out what i had done differently. I used to vacume my cat posts and i had neglected to do that for 3 months. I was miserable!!! Once i vacumed the real good the itch was gone. I mean i itched all over. I thought i had lice or scabbies.


Is there such thing as a "zippered sheet?"?

Yes there are! You can buy them online at the Protective Bedding Store. They sell both breathable and vinyl zippered mattress covers. Both are waterproof and protect against moisture, bedbugs, allergens, etc. The breathable is more comfortable, especially if you produce a lot of body heat at night. The vinyl ones are very durable and can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth


How do Water beds keep from busting?

You can't keep them from busting - so we wrote a clause into our rental agreement years ago - NO WATER BEDS. In one house we lost two of our three oak floors to those miserable things. You can imagine the mess when those things fall apart - and it swells and just ruins wood floors.


If i wet the bed at 13 every night should i buy nappies?

Yep i would at least get some kind of protection. A lot of 13 year olds have that problem but my 10 year old brother is in nappies all the time because of a medical problem so i would go see the doctor to rule any kind of medical problem out, good luck!


how to stop period leaks?

Wear thick enough pads, the ones specially made for overnight use. It'll say that on the box. Also, you could wear a tampon in addition to a pad, but make sure you set your alarm and get up to change it if you'll be sleeping for more than about 6 hours.

You could try putting a towel down on your bed too, so if you do leak, you won't stain your sheets.


how to get a kitten to use a litter box?

I recently took in several strays, one of which wasn't using the litter box. She used the bed on two occasions. I went to Petsmart and purchased Dr Elsey's Litter Attractant on the recommendation of my vet. It has worked so far and I've been using a little less every time I clean the litter. I hope this helps. Good luck to you and your kitten.


Night Potty Training 3 year old?

Like the other poster said, with our daughter, we started night-training her when she was three, and we woke her up once at about midnight. We only had to do this for about a month before she started doing it herself. She only had two accidents throughout the whole ordeal.

She is now five and sleeps through the night without getting up to potty or having accidents.


When looking for a crib mattress....?

It should be firm and fit your crib well.

The number of coils does matter. You don't need the highest coil count, but don't go with the lowest either.

I "tested" ours by holding it upright and trying to push it in on both sides with my hands. It shouldn't "give" too much.

If it goes in several inches, I would say go for a higher coil count.


How much is a 3 in one cot worth this days?

It depends on the brand, I know Boori ones still fetch arond $400 second hand when they're in really good condition.

We payed $120 (Aud) for our sons one 2nd hand, it's not a Boori ,but is a 3 in 1 conversion.

It depends onthe condition and brand, but I would say around $200-$500.


Am I allergic to my bedding?

Same problem here. I am allergic to feather pillows #1. dust #2. animals #3. When I keep the room ultra clean, hardwood floors, hypo-allergenic pillows, no down comforters, and a little dust fileter I sleep great. When I travel for work I suffer but always bring my own pillow. I love the cat and dog but they get no bedroom access.


how do i stop my kitten from peeing on my bed?

First, add a waterproof mattress pad to save your mattress!

Next, change linen every time kitten pees. They go back to pee where they smell pee.

Also, there are sprays at the pet store to really get rid od smell so they don't go back to the spot.

Kitten will probably grow out of it soon, Good luck!


When us girls are about to "squirt", does it feel like we're peeing?

Yes, because you are. Squirting is involuntary urination so it's not really something to be achieved. It can happen due to extra pressure being put on the urinary tract during vaginal stimulation/sex. There is no such thing as female ejaculation. The female body does not have any glands large enough to hold enough fluid to squirt. The only place such volumes of fluid can come from is the bladder


What can I do about my "heavy flow"?


check with your doctor to make sure your heavy flow is normal. and around the time you know youre going to get your period- wear a pad to bed. also it would be good to invest in a mattress protector. theyre not as bad as they were back in the day. the side thats on the inside is plastic but the outside of it is usually terrycloth and not noisy at all..

hope this helps :)


Why Am i wetting the bed?!?

This Site Might Help You.


I have tried not drinking 2 hours before bed, makeing sure to pee before i go to sleep, my doctor says there is nothing physically wrong, yet I'm having to do laundry every morning. why is this happening to me?! and what do i do now that the doctor says nothing is wrong physically? im a 24...


my son peed the bed?

They also make a spray to remove pet urine. I have used this in a pinch on "little accidents" of the human kind as well. Using a product that breaks down the enzymes, and of course drying well and vacuuming. Perfect time of year to put out in the sunshine for a day as well if you have a place..... Ginger-


My pug peed all over my do I clean??

spot clean a couple times, and sprinkle borax over it. let it set for a little while then vaccuum it says it right on the box. you can get borax at a grocery store or walmart for a couple bucks.

..i use borax for everything from cleaning my toilet to washing clothes to freshen my house


Is bed protector a must?

A Bed Protector, or mattress pad, is primarily designed to protect your mattress from stains. Some also protect against allergens and bed bugs. Most mattress warranties are null and void if the mattress has a stain on it, which is why retailers strongly recommend a mattress protector. However, they are not a necessity.


How to make my eurotop mattress less hot in summer?

Premium Mattress Protectors

The Protect-A-Bed Premium mattress protector is the popular flagship mid-market model, offering the line's standard features and benefits. In addition, the Protect-A-Bed Premium mattress protector offers our unique Miracle Membrane with the Total Heat Transference Formula. Contact or call 888-365-4376 and they should be able to take care of you.


will this ever go away. plz help.. i am in despeart need of help?

I like the first answer.

But, you could set it every 3-4 hours too. But it would depend when you get up for school.

Or you can put a old blanket or towel on your bed so it won't get that wet. You could also check out websites on the internet. There are many people with your problem too

Good Luck!!


What to use on a mattress with dog pee on it?

I don't know why everyone is saying to call a professional. With an incontinent dog, this has happened to me before.

I sponge the spot with a disinfectant and odor remover and then put a fan on it to dry it.. and then flip the mattress over after it's been dried. I'd get a mattress protector incase it happens again.


Any Advice On Keeping A 4yr Old Dry At Night?

Cut liquids 2 hours before bed time.

Wake the child up 2 or 3 times a night and make them go to the bathroom.

Purchase a night light and leave it on in the bathroom so the child can go alone without being afraid.

And most important dont scold because of bedwetting it only makes it worse and it gives the child low self esteem.

Tell the child its wrong but dont punish or embarrass


I have a period question?

Try Motrin or another ibuprofen brand, that works better for muscle pain and that is what cramps are, you can also try a heating pad or hot bath to help ease the discomfort. There is nothing wrong with you, sometimes women have heavier periods then usual. Many women get heavier periods as they get older, while others get lighter, and others stay the same, it's just how the body works.


My 5 month old pee pee'd on my mattres... :(?

Clean the spot where the urine is and spray some Febreeze on it after it has dried. They have mattress cover you can put under her sheet in case she has another mistake and it's not made of fabric so liquid won't run through to your mattress and ruin it


what is the best way to clean you re bed mattress to keep it smelling fresh?

I've used Febreeze. I think it works pretty good but it doesn't last forever. I would vacuum the mattress first because maybe there is dust (dust can hold bad odors). If you don't have one, invest in a good mattress pad. It will keep the mattress cleaner and you can throw it in the washer


Water leaked onto my new mattress. How much water will due permenante dammage other than stain?

No structural damage will have been done, The mattress's foam, batting, cushioning etc could have soaked up some water, if it wasn't dried up and left wet your mattress could start to smell musty and may develop mould, you need to make sure that the mattress is dry underneath the protector


can bedbugs climb in your bed even with mattress protector on?

Hi, You can get bed bug traps that you put under the legs of your bed that prevent them from climbing up. Hope this helps

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