How Did People Call Each Other Before We Started Using Surnames. Wouldn't It Be Confusing If You Hav

Mostly by not having 17 Marks in one village.If you traveled, you might be Mark of to avoid confusion with any local Mark you run across.When populations got too dense for that, you had (e.


) Mark the Smith, Mark the Fletcher, and Mark the Miller.The next step is for the Miller's son to go into the family business, and there you have a surname

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If elves are immortal, why are there still princes? Why pass down titles through hereditary means? Why is Legolas the crown prince?

Legolas is the Crown Prince in case his father was killed in battle. Kings still led from the front in those days, and although they stood a better chance of survival than the grunts, death in battle was still a real possibility.Legolas eventually left Mirkwood and founded his own kingdom in Ithilien, so he did go up a notch at that point.

But I agree that the idea that someone might be a leader literally forever feels odd


Jimmy Page once commented that at times he would have liked a second guitarist to assist him while Led Zeppelin were touring. Who would be your choice?

Honestly, the best choice would be a good, well-rounded session player who sounded as much like Page as possible. This probably means someone relatively unknown, and someone who wouldnt really need to put their own stamp on everything.I know its fun to think about which all-star jam sessions you could put together, but Page was a master at arranging multiple guitar parts in the studio. Id want someone who did a good job of staying true to those arrangements so Page could do his thing


Is communism a lost ideology nowadays?

On the global scale, yes. Its no longer a vibrant worldwide movement led by the Soviet Union, because there is no Soviet Union. Geopolitically, its a dead duck.There are still a few countries and parties that remain Communist (Vietnam, Laos) or nominally Communist (China). But even they arent seriously promoting total Socialism, and the idea of the revolution of the masses, or the workers paradise, is pass.


How do you trust your partner after he cheated?

Cheating is not a simple thing. Its influenced by many factorsquality and character of the current relationship, age and physical condition of both parties, location, weather and season, food and drink, friends attitudes, past history with women (or men), mental condition, moral convictions or the lack of them, psychological needs. Cheating can involve any combination of these.So, the question is, will this combination recur? Was it unique to some past circumstances? Is it innate? Is the cheater truly regretful?.


How do Americans feel about foreign non-white immigrants dating white American women?

I'm A white, blonde, American woman. Where are these guys? I must be too old. Ok.Seriously, it's no ones business who I date, sleep with, or do anything else with. Well, maybe my son who lives with me. He gets a minor sat in who I bring around but not based on color national origin. Its especially not the business of small minded, judgmental people.

Oh wait. My boyfriend is Hispanic.


What's the dumbest question you've seen on school homework?

Where I live in year ten in health you do a course which contributes to getting your learner drivers plates. You complete a workbook and do a multiple choice quiz on the road rules. As with most of the content in the health course, most of the questions arent great. Some of them were just asking for sarcastic responses and it didnt matter because you just had to complete it not get them all right. This one was probably the worst


Why do LEDs generate heat? I want a technical answer not "because they're inefficient". And will we ever make them more efficient?

There are some laboratory LEDs cooled to cryogenic temperatures that are claimed to be 100% efficient.However, in an LED, electrons need just enough voltage to jump across the band gap without any left over.The pn junction has some resistance just as the leads do. To push enough current through this resistance to make the LED bright, there will be I^2R losses that become heat in the process.To avoid these losses, you have to reduce the resistance and the current. So far, that has only been done under special laboratory conditions.


Why isn't Canada as respected worldwide as the USA?

Canada has about 10% of the population and about the same land area as US. Everything consumed in Canada has a huge transportation cost attached because of the population sparsity and for the same reason Canada cannot achieve economies of scale comparable to US. Still, well being and individual incomes compare easily with US on a per capita basis. There is no flood of Canadians heading for US except for members of the entertainment community who use the large American population to sell their ware to and then return


During mass executions, why do the victims willingly walk to their positions?

Great answers everyone, also I would like to point out that we dont need to go that far. Just look at current events, executive order banning certain religion and race, how many of us went out to protest? Not many. Someone did mention that there is substantial brain washing, vilifying and conditioning goes on before the final solution. So imaging fast forward 8 years into the future and you might see the answer unfolding right in front your eyes. We do remember, first was the lying press ( Lgenpresse) and undesirables


Who do you think are the greatest computer scientists?

Shafi Goldwasser.A cutting-edge researcher in computational complexity theory, cryptography, and computational number theory, Goldwasser made the field of cryptography what it is today. She won the Turing Award in 2012 for her work on zero-knowledge proofs, which convey an assertion is valid without revealing additional information. She has also won the Godel Award for theoretical computer science twice, once in 1993 and once in 2001, both times for work on interactive proofs.


Is Alia Bhatt a good or a bad actress?

Whenever I get/see this question about Alia Bhatt, straightaway my mind imagines this scene.Im a big fan of bollywood songs and I never found any actress doing this expressions in a short span (less than one min).Not only that, when she cries it feels so genuine that I start feeling bad.

In my opinion she is the best actress in bollywood right now.Image sources: YouTube


Has Minneapolis law enforcement been able to track where George Floyd got the $20 counterfeit bill which led to his death?

Why would they bother? Counterfeit $20s are not uncommon. You may have handled a couple and not even known it. Whats the big deal? My banks ATM gave me a bogus $20. They caught it a week or so later when I went in to make a deposit. Nobody called the cops, nobody put their knee on my neck until I was dead.Are you trying to make something out of nothing?.


Are Europeans supportive of Trump?

It says a lot, that the racist who posed this question misunderstands the role of the President (who commands only the military, and that in a mostly symbolic way; in all other aspects of the executive branch, he's just the buck-stops-here head civil servant).I can never help but think that this kind of poorly-informed authoritarian personality is yearning to be a bottom in a civic-BDSM relationship. Yes, Master Don, tell us what to think today.


What was it like to be of age in 1969 and hear Led Zeppelin for the first time?

First time I ever heard Dazed and Confused I knew the next Beatles had arrived. And I was right, because nothing else compared to it. Almighty, all-powerful electric blues that drove your heart and mind without any escape.

IMO, Led Zep I competes for the title of greatest R&R album evah along with Led Zep II, Dark Side of the Moon and a few others (Abbey Road, Let It Bleed, Space Oddity, just in '69 alone). But for sheer impact, LZ1 rates


Who were the leaders in Germany during World War 1? Like Hitler led Germany into WW2, who led them to WW1?

Officially, the head of the German Empire was Kaiser Wilhelm II, emperor of Germany, cousin of both the reigning King of England (George V) *and* Emperor of Russia (Nicholas II), aka the heads of his enemies:

But throughout WWI, Germany became a de facto military junta lead by Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff:

They both shot to fame as the victors of the decisive Battle of Tannenberg.


Is there any Christian equivalent to Yom Kippur?

Thank you for your question.Well, all the year round of course, but perhaps especially over Easter, in my view?

Good Friday would include a substantial element of repentance and pleas for God's mercy on the part of the worshippers, and Easter Day includes much regarding the reassurance of God's love, forgiveness and renewed invitation to humankind, so that central day in the Christian calendar may perhaps be the nearest equivalent to Yom Kippur?All good wishes,Barrie


Why do the Vietnamese always say their country is small, when Vietnam is actually bigger than Italy, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and just a little smaller than Germany?

I would say one of the reasons is the shape of my country. If you look closely, it kinda looks like a letter S. That makes it look thinner and a bit smaller than the actual size. Therefore, since when I was kid, it looks tiny comparing to bigger countries nearby on the map: India, China, Australia..Also, if you hear that a lot from Vietnamese people, maybe they were also just being humble


Is quick distraction a sign of genius?

Thanks Khalil for A2A.Quick distraction means it may be almost close to being impulsive. Thereafter, the distraction is overcome by brain/mind with the help of check circuits and triggers back to normal (where they were distracted from).We may call that smart; word genius should not be used here. IF A WELL-SERVED REACTION HAS ALSO BEEN METED, THEN I WOULD NOT MIND CALLING IT AS AN ACT OF A GENIUS PERSON.Thanks for reading


What did your pastor say or do that made you quit his church?

I was attending a church near Chicago for over a year.The pastor announced that there would soon be a meeting in Chicago in which leaders of different churches and faiths (Christian, Islamic, Hindu, etc) would meet to discuss commonalities.I expected him to announce that our church was sending a representative.

Instead, he announced how sending a representative would be betraying our faith, and he was very proud our church was not sending a representative.I was appalled, disgusted, and never went back


What is the most bizarre fighter jet ever built?

The first two generations of British jet fighters were mongrels.The de Havilland Vampire would be my pick. Slow, unsafe, poorly armed. It was useless.As for prototypes that never entered production, the British Saunders-Roe Squirt wins. A flying boat jet fighter. The idea was that it could operate at sea without an aircraft carrier. Unfortunately the landing proved to be unsafe on any water rougher than a swimming pool


What is the weirdest excuse you heard about Narendra Modi?

Recently Forbes relased its list of highest paid actors of 2018 and Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan had made their rank at seven and nine respectively. Me and my colleague were looking at the list on the Internet and my colleague was quite surprised as there was no name of Shahrukh Khan in the list. So he looked at me and said ever since Modi came to power Shahrukh Khan has lost his charm and luck. I was like thisAnd asked him how ? Obviously he had no answer and walked away


What is the most important belief that propels your life? Let's share what profound wisdom we have found in our individual lives.

The movement you need is on your shoulders.A line from The Beatles Hey JudeThe full verse:And dont you know that its just you. Hey Jude, You, too. The movement your need is on your shoulders.

I have the power to make my day less miserable.The power to pay attention to what matters and discard what doesnt.To try my best.To not be dismayed when my best is not good enough.

To not overestimate my power, or under estimate my abilities


Why do people treat a beautiful woman/girl better?

No, they get treated different.I dont think every single guy that lays eyes on you doing whatever they can to get in your pants, is any better than knowing for sure the guy giving you attention is actually attracted to you.Yes, they get a lot of favors. I have a friend with no qualms about walking into a bar and getting free drinks. They swarm her, it is pathetic. However, every single one of those guys, is incapable of knowing her.


When you are run out of fuel in a bike, which is better to reach the nearest gas station, driving at high speed or to drive in economical speed?

The best method to extend the available fuel to the maximum distance, if your bike is dangerously low on fuel, is coasting; once normal cruising speed is reached, rapidly shift down to neutral, without shutting off the engine, and let the momentum carry you for some considerable distance. When the speed drops considerably, again engage top gear, reach the desired speed, and then coast again.This is not a good riding practice, and is to be used only in an absolute emergency.

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