How Did Littlefinger Start the War of the Five Kings?

He didnt single-handedly start it (and even just a few people acting smarter, like Ned, might still have prevented it), but overall you have three big key events:Littlefinger convinced Lysa Arryn to kill Jon Arryn.Littlefinger directed the Starks against the Lannisters, letting Catelyn think Tyrion tried to kill Bran and having Lysa send Catelyn the letter at Winterfell saying the Lannisters were a threat.Littlefinger led Ned to discover the Lannister twins incest and in turn sold out Ned when Ned spoke out against Joffrey. Id also argue that hes the one who whispered in Joffreys ear that Ned should be executed

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Will Trump be welcome in the White House by future presidents?

It doesn't matter how much you despise the former President, the new president will always respect the former for what he did to the country, for better or for worse. Trump lashed out on Obama for his birth certificate, yet they both met peacefully and the First Lady personally bought a gift from Tiffany's for Michelle Obama. At the end of the day, we're all just people trying to do our jobs. Some do it worse than others but that doesn't mean we should demean them with disrespect and rudeness. This is something that presidents respect, and something I think others should respect as well. So to finish your question with no bias, yes, he will be welcome.


Did the British media bully Meghan Markle for being bi-racial?

Dont be stupid. This is the UK not the US, if no one told us she was of mixed heritage, no one here would have noticed. Fair enough, some might say she had a good tan, but thats about it.

We never had slavery, so we are not paranoid about any slave uprising or offspring retribution, thats all america.

Meghan? just another royal, if she does the job she interviewed for then fine, but she decided she wanted to change the deal, mess with the arrangement. Thats her perogative, but she decided she didnt fancy the work, so she shipped out.

The colour of her skin has nothing to do with it.


What if an army never routed? Suppose there was an army (ancient or modern) that never suffered from low morale and never fled the battlefield. The only way to defeat them is to inflict 100% casualties. How powerful would this army be?

There are a myriad number of examples of military systems that bred superiority for relatively long spans of time. But if innovation and technology fails they risk catastrophe. The Spanish Imperial Army was a dominate force in the Renaissance. The Tercio was the standard of the era. At Rocroi they were defeated but the French still had to give them honors of the field and they marched away.Discipline and morale can be a game breaker if your technology is competitive. Comes the day that its not and they will make you a nice memorial monument for the wonderful sacrifice you made cause your mojo done gone to shit.


Are you irreligious or non-religious?

Both represent the same, atheism or living without religion.Although, I am not sure irreligious might mean someone who has hostile feelings for religion, while nonreligious just means ignoring religion and its practices.In that case, I am both. When people try to use their religion and spread unnecessarily wrong practices then I function as an irreligious person. But if someone is practicing his religion peacefully in his home without using the speakers to disturb people, I am nonreligious.If you will try to promote your religion, I will become irreligious. But in case, you will follow the Constitution and will keep religion a private thing, consider me simply as a non-religious person.


What is the difference between a social democracy and socialism, but more importantly, why should I care?

In very simple terms, the difference between socialism and social democracy is that between thinking you know the answer and thinking the answer will be discovered along the way and might even change at some point.Yes, it's true, both socialism and social-democracy have these mantras about protecting the opressed and that economic redistribution or equalization should be the primary concern of the state. But socialism starts from affirming its principles as axioms, while social-democracy is willing to put its theory to the test of popular approval. And, as any democratic politicians, usually social-democrats are quite versatile, and coward, and appeasing, and so on, which is a good thing.But its really your decision if you care or not


Why is silicon preferred over germanium in preparing diode?

Though germanium diodes were the first ones fabricated, several factors make silicon the choice vs. germanium diodes. Silicon diodes have a greater ease of

processing, lower cost, greater power handling, less leakage and more stable temperature characteristics than germanium diodes. Germanium diodes' lower forward drop (.2V to .3V versus .7V to 1.0V) make them better at small signal detection and rectification.

The silicon diode (unless its a Schottky diode) conducts at approximately 0.6 volts. The germanium diode, however, conducts at a much lower voltage typically 0.2 volts. This makes the germanium diode better for small signals. But in majority of cases we are analysing higher signals. maximum operating junction temperature of 150C for silicon vs. only about 60C for germanium,.


What picture best defines all that is wrong here in the United States of America?

Vast swathes of America looks like this:And this:And thisThose last two are bridges. What will be the cost of life lost when one of those finally crumbles?We have the money to fix our crumbling infrastructure. Yet where is that money being spent? It's spent on a military budget that exceeds the combined budget of the next seven highest countries. It's spent on jetsetting of the president to his weekly vacation spot. Its spent on bailouts for banks and government subsidies for big businesses. Its spent on astronomical healthcare costs unseen in the rest of the developed world. We have the money, but we do not send it where it needs to go.And yet we insist on calling our self a first world nation


Should I fire a software engineer for working on his side projects during office hours? I am the co-founder and CTO of a startup, and just discovered a software engineer spending two to three office hours a day on his own projects.

In my experience the best guys usually do this.One trait of your best developers is they will always be learning and trying out new technologies and techniques, thats often what these side projects are about. They bring that learning into the development and design of your software.

These developers will also be thinking about your hard problems while they are showering, sleeping and eating breakfast. I wouldnt get hung up about exactly how the hours get divided. Knowledge work is more about having a fresh and inspired brain than hours at the desk.

Base your hiring/firing decisions based on their productivity and how their peers rate them


What does the future of cricket look like?

It doesn't look too bright to me because:Test cricket is almost finished.People are loosing interest in ODIs as well.IPL has caused saturation. See empty stadiums in this IPL.T20 has killed genuine fast bowlers. Where are Akram/Lee/ Donald/Akhtar ?Youngsters in India have developed interest in Soccer.West Indians are moving towards basketball.No cricket in Pakistan.No new nations are becoming permanent member of ICC.ICC has lost Zimbabwe and Kenya in recent past.Too much of commercialization of cricket.No more Gods/ demigods in cricket.

Things that can save Cricket are:Regular Test series between India and Pakistan.Ashes.More SA vs Australia matches.Lesser matches in subcontinent.Fast bowlers.Genuine spinners like Adam Zampa.


What is something you would do as a senior citizen, but never at any other age?

The AdonisI saw you in passing,

young god, head held high,

proud mane blowing

in the city's dirty breeze,clothes just enough wrinkled

to make a woman believe

you just climbed out of a quickie,

or stepped off of page 42

in this month's GQ.

Do you mind

that I turn and look as you walk by?No, of course not.

You don't see me as a threat.(You don't even see me at all).But give me ten more years ...

by then, I'll be old enough

to reach over,

give your ass a squeeze,and say, Mmmm ... nice buns.From the book, Anatomy of a Poet, by CJ Heck


What is the greatest irony about the coronavirus?

The second greatest irony is that Wuhan province is the center for face mask and ventilator production in the world.The greatest irony is that the CDC has acquitted itself no better than has Trump.By spreading disinformation about the effectiveness of face masks they are responsible for most of the deaths in the US.

Our public health experts at work. Were from the government and were here to help.According to the NYT, face masks were/are 68% effective against the SARS-classic virus. This is a sibling of the current SARS-COVID virus this is our best science-based estimate of how good face masks would be today.

Shame on the CDC. A 100,000 bodies should be stacked at their doorstep


Everyone in India is talking about entrepreneurship. Where do you think we are headed with this?

I think since last decade the number of startups and young entrepreneurs has been dramatically increased in India. India was heavily depended on western countries for the imports of technology. All the top graduates from best business schools in India were heading to US for their desired jobs due to lack of infrastructures and opportunities here but now the time has changed. India in emerging as progressive country with improved startup ecosystem and thanks to the investors who made it easier for Indian entrepreneurs to do business in India.Investment, Mentorship, Good governance, Ecosystem are few of the things which led to the high rise in entrepreneurship.India accounts for 17% of world market which is pretty huge and with growth in entrepreneurship India will soon emerge as the biggest economy.


What would be the first Led Zeppelin song you would play for a teenager, if you wanted to introduce them to their music?

Theres a lot of great answers. To really answer this well, Id almost have to know the specific teen and what their likes and dislikes are. With a lot of modern music being mass-produced in a formulaic void to sell singles on iTunes, a lot of the more complex and powerful tunes produced by Zep would probably go over their heads.I think Ill break ranks with the usual answers of Whole Lotta Love and Immigrant Song to go with something from Physical Graffiti, in particular: Kashmir. Its a longer song, which has not only a very catchy, hook driven chorus and bridge, but pretty incredible lyrics as well. Its a memorable piece, I doubt they will forget after their time is up


Why is Russia apparently such a big threat to the US?

The answer question whether or not Russia is a threat to US depends on whether US would do the right thing and learn to partner up with other countries on equal basis or it would continue to position itself as if Russia was the designated enemy. At that, I would remind here that its US that passed the law that declares Russia an enemy, not the other way around. So, in the former case, there is no threat to US whatsoever. But even in the latter case, I would call Russia a direct threat but rather a force that is strictly prohibitive of *ANY* military adventure against Russia, US or not


What is something that almost nobody knows about traffic lights?

Here are a couple:The cameras on top of the signal do not record video. They are only sensors which determine whether a vehicle is stopped within the frame of the camera. If so, a series of timers start calculating the time and change the signal to green or red.

Also, the little black chimney-looking devices are sensors which allow emergency vehicles to turn the signal green. Thats why you see a flashing strobe in front of a fire truck or ambulance. The strobe is set to a certain speed which the device on the signal senses.

Howeverdont think about building a strobe of your own. It will land you in serious trouble


How did Ronda Rousey lose her edge?

Ronda Rousey never lost her edge. She never learnt how to throw a punch correctly nor to get out of the way of one. I'm sure many people saw her fight against Holm and Nunes, in both fights Rousey was trying her hardest to get in the clinch for a judo throw. Holm and Nunes knew better in which they both were able to knock Rousey out. Had Rousey figured how to improve her striking ability, Rousey would've been even more dominant and she couldve gave Nunes a run for her money. What if Rousey learned how to punch and avoid punches, we could see Rousey the potential two division champion rather than Nunes

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LED Spot Light Manufacturer: Do You Really Understand?
Acraga umbrifera of spot lightAcraga umbrifera is a moth in the family Dalceridae. It was described by Schaus in 1905. It is found in French Guiana. The habitat consists of tropical moist forests.The length of the forewings is 1112mm. The forewings are white with a broad light brown postmedian shade. The inner margin is shaded and there is an indistinct discal spot. The hindwings are white with pale brown at the anal angle. Adults are on wing in March and June.------Etymology of spot lightThe species name refers to the specialized scales forming a hairbrush on the dorsal edge of the antenna and is derived from Latin antenna (meaning long projection) and pilosa (meaning hairy or pilose).------Ethmia antennipilosa of spot lightEthmia antennipilosa is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by Wang and Li in 2004. It is found in China (Guangxi).The length of the forewings is about 10.5mm (0.41in). The forewings are light grey, somewhat pale brown. There are fourteen irregularly shaped black spots or blotches scattered on the surface. The hindwings are pale grey.------Tactusa rima of spot lightTactusa rima is a moth of the family Erebidae first described by Michael Fibiger in 2010. It is known from northern Vietnam.The wingspan is about 12mm. The ground colour of the forewing is light yellow, suffused with brown patches and lines. The dorsal part of the antemedial and postmedial lines is brown, subterminal pale and margined proximally by blackish patches, all extending weakly to the costa. The terminal line is marked by interneural black spots. The hindwing is dark grey, with an indistinct discal spot and the underside is unicolorous grey.------Pollex kononenkoi of spot lightPollex kononenkoi is a moth of the family Erebidae first described by Michael Fibiger in 2007. It is known from northern Sulawesi in Indonesia.The wingspan is about 10mm. The forewing is narrow and light brown, but dark brown on both sides of the terminal line. The hindwing is unicolorous brown with an indistinct black discal spot and the underside unicolorous brown.------Eridachtha hapalochra of spot lightEridachtha hapalochra is a moth in the family Lecithoceridae. It was described by Edward Meyrick in 1932. It is found in Guinea.The wingspan is about 13mm. The forewings are light yellow ochreous, faintly infuscated except at the costa. The first discal stigma forms a small round fuscous spot. The hindwings are pale greyish.------Lethata fusca of spot lightLethata fusca is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by W. Donald Duckworth in 1964. It is found in Amazonas, Brazil.The wingspan is about 25mm. The forewings are fuscous with a slight purplish hue and the costa is narrowly light rosy ochreous. There is a dark fuscous dot in the fold at the basal third and a white spot at the end of the cell, edged with dark fuscous. An outwardly curved, transverse row of dark fuscous dots is found at the apical four-fifths. The hindwings are whitish ochreous shaded with grey.------Athrips gansuensis of spot lightAthrips gansuensis is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It is found in China (Gansu).The wingspan is about 18mm. The forewings are grey with indistinct paired black spots at one-third and two-thirds. The hindwings are light grey. Adults are on wing at the end of July.------Antaeotricha fasciatum of spot lightAntaeotricha fasciatum is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by August Busck in 1911. It is found in French Guiana.The wingspan is 2124mm. The forewings are light greyish ochreous with a broad blackish brown oblique fascia, this begins on the costa from the basal fourth to the middle of the costa and reaches to the middle of the dorsum. The edges are not even but reasonably parallel and sharply defined against the lighter basal and apical parts of the wing. At the apical third is an indistinct and ill-defined dark fuscous cloud parallel with the fascia and mainly noticeable by its outer edge, which appears as a dark, thin, undulating line from a small costal spot to the tornus. The hindwings are dark fuscous.------Shimonia timberlakei of spot lightShimonia timberlakei is a moth in the family Cossidae. It is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it has been recorded from Eala.The wingspan is 38mm for males and 41mm for females. The forewings are glossy light ochre with a sepia cell-spot and a small patch of olive ochre distally. There are several faded lines of olive and an olive subterminal line with a patch of olive ochre in its distal half. The hindwings are uniform glossy light ochre.------Melaleucia tertia of spot lightMelaleucia tertia is a moth of the family Erebidae first described by Michael Fibiger in 2008. It is known from south-central Sri Lanka.There are probably multiple generations per year, with adults recorded in July, August and September.The wingspan is about 12mm. The forewing is broad and white, although there is a terminal line in some specimens marked by black interveinal dots. The hindwing is light greyish brown, with an indistinct discal spot.------Druceiella basirubra of spot lightDruceiella basirubra is a species of moth of the family Hepialidae. It was described by William Schaus in 1901 and is known from Bolivia and Peru.The wingspan is about 80mm. The forewings are dark grey, the space between the subcostal and median area shaded with dark ochreous brown. There are some small golden yellow spot, as well as an outer, subterminal and marginal row of dark ochreous brown spots. The hindwings are light brown with long reddish hairs at the base.------Chlamydastis mendoron of spot lightChlamydastis mendoron is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by August Busck in 1911. It is found in French Guiana and Panama.The wingspan is 2426mm. The forewings are white sprinkled liberally with light brown and with three equidistant small, black costal spots, the outer two most prominent, all edged with brown. At the end of the cell a short deep black transverse dash is preceded by a brown spot and from this a perpendicular brown streak runs down to the dorsal edge just before the tornus. At apical fifth a pre-marginal line of brown spots runs parallel with the termen. The hindwings are triangular dark brown. Females have somewhat lighter hindwings.
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