How Can I Make My Laptop Play on My 52" LED TV Using Windows 7?

The zombie commercial guy is using a wireless solution. What is not obvious is that the HDTV is connected to an Xbox 360 acting as a wireless receiver. Most of us use a cable instead. Laptops usually have one or more video output types - VGA, DVI or HDMI connectors. If your HDTV has the same type connector, it's simply a matter of plugging a cable in at both ends.

1. How to avoid or fix grainy picture quality on Samsung LED TV?

Samsung Un46c6400

2. Which is the best Samsung LED TV to get?

buy sony

3. Which is the preferred LED tv panel - edge lit or back lit?

It depends. Edge lit is thin. Backlit is usually array lit, and can use local dimming to improve contrast.

4. Brand new LED tv is giving off static sound?

Return it as soon as possible

5. why is far cry 3 blurry on my new LED tv?

Did you play Farcry 3 on your other TV before you got the new TV? If not, maybe that's just how it is since you said other games looks fine

6. How do you improve picture quality for the Insignia 55" NS-55E560A11 LED TV?

This is copied from Best Buy's comment section for the Insignia NS-55E560A11. I got my HD box from comcast and the tv the same day. Comcast supplied component hook-ups. Just throw those away. My picture was blurry especially w/ movement,, and the audio and video often were not in sync. Before I took the tv back, I went ahead and upgraded to a nice set of HDMI cables. Completely different results. If you are unable to use HDMI Cables, try adjusting your picture settings. Press Menu. Select advanced video press enter Select Insignia Motion, Change it to off or low, press enter

7. I have a 55 inch LED TV - is it OK to mount it on a wall a few feet above baseboard heating?

no longer a stable thought to mount a television close to any warmth source, radiator or sunlight. warmth ruins the circuits by way of the years. in case you may completely close down the radiator, then fantastic. If it is going to throw warmth, it is going to upward thrust and impression the television

8. What are the best settings for the Sony Bravia LED TV for watching blue-ray movies?

Make sure you are set an auto mode for your resolution (default) to ensure you are receiving 1080p resolution. This can be checked by pressing the info button on your remote. Also avoid the vivid color setting under the picture options. This is often set as default and although it looks brilliant, the colors are not true to the picture and this setting will shorten the lifespan of the TV. If you are in a dark room try the cinema mode or simply standard for the best looking colors.

9. Can I find my stolen smart led TV?

Did you fill out a police report? If not, you need to.Do you have receipts showing the serial number? You'll have to prove it's your tv if you do locate it.Did you have any online accounts stored in it, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. ?If the thief is using your accounts, you should see the activity from your end. If you can explain to Netflix(or whomever) support that your tv was stolen, it would be worth asking them if they can get the IP address of the tv where your account was accessed. From the IP address, you can reach out to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that matches the IP address. They'll know who's internet account is using your stolen tv, and would likely gladly hand over the information to law enforcement so you can recover your device. I don't know if they'd give the info to you directly, due to privacy concerns. Taking the proper steps is key. Don't deactivate the device from your Netflix/Amazon/Hulu account, because if you do that, you won't have any leads to go on, unless you have a suspect in mind.

10. I need help to connect my iLive 32" HD Soundbar to my Samsung LED TV?

Going by what you have posted, connect the Wii to the TV by HDMI cable, then TV out to Sound Bar in by RCA cable, but only use the red and white plugs. A TV is usually the last in the sequence as a TV does not normally have any out sockets

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