How Can a Teenager Come Up with a Successful Business Idea?

Talking with experience.I started a custom wood furniture business from scratch had no experience or knowledge other than having mechanical and technical skills, from there i started observing trends, markets, customers, and manufacturers to understand whom I will be selling to and also how will I be providing.Observing is key, if you're able to catch a problem and can come up with a solution, you can turn that solution to easy cash but only with patience and persistence.There are plenty of ideas to catch or to come up with, either you come up with a new idea or grab an idea and just offer it better than the competition.

Knowledge is key and that key can take you to your success.Goodluck

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What was the relationship between Arwen and Legolas?

As far as I know Tolkien's writings, they didn't really have a relationship, if you mean an interpersonal, friendship sort of one. It is possible that after she became queen of Gondor and Legolas moved some of the Silvan Elves of Mirkwood into Ithilien, they might have come to know each other a little bit. We know that Legolas considered Aragorn his good friend, and vice versa, and therefore they might have hung out, so to speak.

They are possibly related. Thranduil, Legolas's father, is sometimes presented as a kinsman of Eli Thingol of Doriath. Celeborn, Arwen's grandfather, might also be a kinsman of Thingol. But since Tolkien never defined how either of them was related to Thingol, and in some writings gave Celeborn an entirely new family tree, it is difficult to quantify it.


Why is Trump's Administration discrediting Fauci, who seems to be the only person giving correct info on this virus? How could ANYONE think that it is safe to send children to school with this virus outbreak?

I have been saying for months that trump was going to fire Fauci.Im a stable genius!!! Yea for me.trump should force Melanias son back to school and all the children of donnyjr, Ivana aka Ivanka, and Eric - all back into schools - without teachers - and the children can do their own janitorial duties. the main thing is to get them out of their parents hair so the parents can go back to work - in order to make the economy better for trumps benefit.

they are the scum, to say the least.

PARENTS: do NOT send your children back to school MY daughters life is at stake - shes a teacher in one of the high covid states


What was Adolf Hitler like in person?

By all accounts, and most importantly as reported by John Toland (he who wrote the timeless Gold Standard Biography about Hitler), he was highly engaging, passionate, entertaining and totally convincing. He loved children, dogs and was a staunch vegetarian. He was personally exceedingly brave, highly intellingent, and supernaturally charismatic.

And he farted like crazy.

The snobbier and more elitist elements of society which rejected him, yet still recieved him at parties, made a game of his flatulance. In particular it became en vogue to yell loudly enough for him to hear, as he departed, that the windows needed to be opened because it smelled so badly.Interestingly, we have no reports from after the war of this occurring from the people who said it. Only witnesses.



Why, in the last few years, are Democrats being labeled as communists?

Hahaha. This is a very funny observation. I think its because they were easily influenced by foreigners that come from communist countries and started unconsciously manifesting their communist behavior without realizing it. Its unfortunate that theyre so unconscious with their behavior and when you point it out, they just get defensive when its so glaringly obvious. I dont trust people who are not self aware and dont have the discipline to regulate themselves against unconscious behavior. Just because its unconscious doesnt make it innocent. They are still accountable for everything they do whether they admit it or deny it. God watches their every breath after all and come judgement day, they will be held accountable for every little action they took before being allowed into Heaven or tossed into Hell. Godspeed.


What have you noticed about President Trump which most people miss?

The thing Ive noticed is an issue I find really unsettling in the leader of a democracy. Its the fact that when hes being belligerent or forceful, he refers to My generals, my military, my (nuclear) button is bigger than yours. Most leaders of democracies refer to these assets as Our because it suggests that they are leading the country and the generals, etc. belong to the United States, not the president. The fact that Trump uses My, rather than Our worries me as a sign that he thinks he owns these people/assets in much the same way as a business owner owns the companys assets. I also think this makes him appear arrogant and almost as if it is he who is providing these assets, rather than seeing himself as a leader and stewards of the American population.


Why have the two Milan clubs, once European football's powers, faced such a downward spiral?

There are many reasons for this massive fall for both Milan clubs.These are some of them.Change of ownership and different goals from the owners (Berlusconi and Moratti were more passionate about the clubs, new owners werent).Less money in the clubs.Losing key players and not replacing them effectively.

Unsuccessful transition of clubs (this has to do with not enough money at the clubs).FFP restrictions on the clubs (especially Inter).Largely unsuccessful transfer business (unlike Juventus, who got quality on the cheep)There are many more factors as to why both Milan clubs flopped in recent years, but this are probably the biggest ones.

Both clubs are in transition and might return to former glory, but it does seem that it will take some time before this happens


Was there a particular reason why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Such a mistake. It was a peace accord in Palestinian conflict, one so so many that emerged and vanished. I think when was elected he became very popular because we tend to expect Americans to behave selfishly and vote republicans. Suddenly there came that black man with his culture and he caused an immense impression. Outside the US he was exceedingly admired. From a 20 20 perspective, it was a huge mistake. He had only begun and had his interntional politics rewarded. In the end France had to invade Mali by itself, North Korea reached its goal and became a nuclear potence, Iran almost did. Assad disrupted his society and shines with happiness and self-satisfaction. Worse still, the Ukraine, which abandoned its nuclear weapons because Europeans and Americans guaranteed it would be protected saw itself being invaded and humiliated by the Russians. I think he was the worse ever American President as to foreign affairs


What is it like to be in a women's prison?

Well first question Ive got for you, is what is like being in a male prison? Okay I understand your asking but its the same as any prison here in USA. I was based incarcerated for 5 years in medium security prison for obviously females only but I Imagine it was no different to what males would expect.Your based behind prison doors that are locked. Your in double cells in general pop sharing with other woman and in segregation your locked up on your own 24 hours a day. Your stripped searched and each time of unit like going to hospital appointments or court well thats highly embarrassing Shackled and handcuffed up. But then the same applies to Male prisons. Its not just female prisons are like this. So what is it like well I suspect not much different to being In a Male prison


What if an aircraft carrier such as USS Nimitz is hit by a single Chinese carrier killer missile, how long will the carrier take to sink completely?

That would depend on two main factors:Where was the carrier hit, andWhat was the missiles warhead.A hit above the waterline wouldnt likely cause the carrier to sink at all.A hit with a nuclear warhead would simply vaporize the carrier so it couldnt be said to have sunk at all.

Between those two extremes then you have to consider the pumping capacity of the carriers remaining pumps (plus any that could be cross loaded from other ships) in relation to the speed with which the water was flooding the carrier. If the pump capacity was higher than the flooding rate then the carrier would never sink at all. If the pump capacity was lower than the flooding rate then the carrier would eventually sink with the time required depending entirely on how much the flooding rate exceeded the pumping rate.


Why does Darth Vader not kill Darth Sidious earlier?

I touched on this in my book, the Unsolved Mysteries of Star Wars, but it basically boils down to a couple of main points. The first is that Vader truly believes that Palpatine is the only person who was ever completely honest with him, and even though WE know what the Emperor is really all about, Vader feels a strong loyalty to him.The other is that, if he ever took a shot at Palpatine, he'd better make it count because the fight wouldn't last long if Palpatine had a chance to hit back. Remember, Vader's life support suit was ruined when he got hit with Palpatine's Sith lightning as he dumped him down the shaft. The suit was the reason Vader never used Sith lightning, and he knew that if Palpatine caught him with it, he'd be dead


Can the BJP win over Bihar?

So the answer is yes now i will explain in short after 2019 general election brand modi became stronger and brand nitish became weaker in 2015 assembly nda was almost about to win but suddenly the controversial statement made by mohan bhagwat changed everything in last 6 years bjp rss and other orgnisations related to sangh parivar became stronger and issues like alrticle 370 35a nrc Ram mandir common civil code will add the streanth to bjp and weaken the jdu now even hardcore rjd supporter yadav voters are also influenced with bjp in other hand anti incombency factor and isues like mujaffarpur AES girls shelter home rape case colapsed education system sand mining failed sharabbandi 3 lakh people of bihar are in jail due to liqour consumption administration inactivity to manage flood and drought the real scenario in is people of bihar got fed up with nitish.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Why have the Democrats become such an out-of-touch party?

Out of touch" is a subjective term without any generally accepted way of measuring it. The Democrats won the popular vote for the presidency quite decisively in 2000, 2008, 2012 and 2016. So, by that measure, they are very much in touch with the national electorate. On the other hand, they have lost control of both houses of Congress, many governorships and have suffered massive losses in state legislatures. So that might possibly be evidence that they are out of touch. Many of these losses are due, in part, to aggressive GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts. The Supreme Court may be paying attention to such tactics. I hope so. I recently read that Republicans treat politics like a knife fight while Democrats treat politics like a friendly badminton match. If that is true, the Democrats must unsheathe their knives.


Which book series is better ASOIAF or LOTR?

It really depends on you and your taste. Lord of the Rings has a much simpler view of morality, the villains are literally monsters and there isn't a ton of character ambiguity or moral grey areas. Ice and Fire on the other hand is full of complicated people and your perception of someone's "goodness" is based on receiving more and more information about this person's point of view in a gradual way that happens over time. The other thing to consider is the amount of adult content in both series, Rings is violent but there is also no profanity or sex, while Ice and Fire has a ton of both (the latter of which is detailed fairly graphically as the series progresses). While this doesn't bother everyone, I don't know if it bothers you and it is good to know if you are unfamiliar with the story

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