Help with Krups Espresso Machine Milk Frother?

Krups Milk Frother

1. Would it be healthier for me to drink a cup of coffee in the morning or just have a shot of espresso?

Anything that is too much is not healthy

2. What's the big deal about espresso?

I love buying my coffee from the same person everyday, she knows my name and how ilike my coffee, when she say's "enjoy your day" i know that she means it, it's just another nice thing that happens in my morning of a great day.You might get your little cup of "pleasure" in some other way, coffee is just ours, find something that makes you ..........S P R I N G !

3. What is the coffee drink called that is just espresso in a large cup?

an Americano is espresso with boiling water or steam-however baristas are loathe to serve more than a double shot with water i have managed to get two double espressos in a paper cup[to go] from costa[off a friend] most people would expect your heart to explode and refuse on health grounds

4. how to make a good cup of coffe at home?

Saul, I use a coffee blend of Espresso and Caramel, that are ground together. there are two ways I prepare it, either by drip peculator, or forced espresso machine

5. If you make 4 oz. of espresso, how much caffiene?

1 oz of espresso has roughly 75mg of caffeine while a 12 oz cup of coffee has roughly 260mg

6. Are you anticipating the McDonald's Espresso?

no i hate coffee junk like that

7. How to keep espresso/latte from becoming bitter in fridge?

espresso should be used when it is fresh. it loses quality and taste the longer it sits unused

8. Cold Espresso with moka pot

Chilled moka tends to work well only if sweetened slightly (even if you do not normally sweeten yout coffee). A trick that came from my grandmother (along with my moka pot) is to make a pot and chill it, to serve with ice cream (like an affogato but all cold). This is delicious on a summer day but not what you are looking for. However, the chilled coffee did not taste great on its own.Of course, chilling it then reheating in the morning would be a good way to make bad coffee. It is possible to make americano with cooled espresso (or strong moka) but only if you like your americano lacking in strength and/or temperature. What I would do, for drinking hot, is brew it in the morning and transfer to a small flask. Small flasks do not hold the heat very well so preheating the flask is a good idea (and the flask should be full). For drinking cold, try adding a pinch of sugar. It will still be a different drink, but hopefully one you enjoy

9. Why does instant coffee have less caffeine?

Caffeine is water soluble, but it takes a bit of time to be absorbed by water. What determines the caffeine content of a coffee process is how much time it spends with/in water. For example, a bodum French press will pick up more caffeine from the coffee since the grounds stay soaked for a while. Drip coffee will have more than a single espresso (common misconception is to think the opposite). It's likely that the instant coffee process passes the water through the coffee under pressure and faster than drip. This will naturally prevent the caffeine to be absorbed in water as much. Besides using decaf roast, what you may wish to do is get an americano coffee made with one or two Ristretto shots of espresso. A Ristretto shot is usually pull away after 10 seconds. Take a look at this analysis from the Mayo Clinic for the actual Caffeine values.

10. How to order something with 3 espresso shots at Starbucks?

Order a Triple shot ________

11. Can I get sick from drinking espresso percolated in an old rusty stove-top maker?

Honestly, I am not positive, but it does not sound very healthy to me. Or like it would taste very good

12. What flowers would go good with these wedding colors...espresso (dark brown) and champagne (shiny ivory)?

Love your colors. Chocolate has been popular the last couple of years - my jealous i never thought of it! Wow BUStenden (?) GREAT answer - you showed some awesome choices!! - wish they were mine!

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