Hello Darlings, Could I Have Some Reccomendations for Kraftwerk and/or Nine Inch Nails?

Disipline- Nine inch nails. Thats about all I guess

1. Hello world! with limited character repetition

Since this is a popularity contest let's try to not use ANY of the characters from 'Hello world!' while still using other characters only a maximum of two times:It's 40 chars btw.And this one uses unicode magic.Notes:Code:For those who do not have a proper font installed it looks like this:Here is the hexdump:You have to run it on a machine where the default charset is utf-8. I tried on an OSX10.8 using iTerm2 with the following environment:This uses zLib: (unfortunately it does uses the characters e and o)Hexdump:Here is the ruby 2. 0 code I used to test for duplicates:.

2. Hello, DS, did animal control handle this properly?

Generally speaking depending where you and the law ALL intact animals will be fixed before they are returned to their owners is they were picked up while at large, that said most places WAIT until the dog has been claimed or passes the claim time before doing so. If the local law says the shelter can check out the home before returning the dog that's fine. If it does not I would tell them to take a leap. and yes since the family had been in that same day, the minute the dog came in they should have compared her to the missing dog report filed.

3. "Hello, World!”

Time to start completing the numbers :)

4. saying hello in different languages?

we just say "hello" in bengali in urdu it's salaam

5. Hello lovely people of Rock and Pop landddd?

I got an allergen remover, money, a gift card to a spa, a portable CD player (do not like iPods) and money and some socks....you got to get socks on Xmas

6. Hello boys, what is your honest opinion on me?

sweetie your gorgeous i would not change a thing

7. Hello young answers who know stuff?

I've never heard of a Chinese Restaurant where you can buy bread, but it sounds like an interesting song. BTW, you can not give 20 points, only 10.

8. Hello Mexican Football Section! Answer Please?

1.Naa Boxing 2.Bofo 3.Frijoles 4.Naa but chix from telenovelas are fine 5.Michoacan!!! 6.Matanga dijo La Changa!

9. How to say hello, goodbye and responses to "thank you" in Italian?

How to say hello, goodbye and responses to "thank you" in Italian? What are the responses to "thank you" in Italian? How else can you say hello and goodbye without saying "Ciao"? Thank you :)

10. Grown females and Hello Kitty yay or nae?

Wow maybe you should step out of your little bubble and find out how much hello kitty fans are out there, before you say anything that stupid. Hello kitty started to get really popular with scene kids back in 2004/2008. First of all your not a true hello kitty fan because your bashing these girls/woman who feel comfortable enough to represent their passion. No matter old or young they are. At age 13 you can not get a tattoo without a parents signature. Im 23 years old myself and I like some hello kitty attire and not all. So Kimora lee simmons(age 37) fashion mogul multimillionaire who happened to create her KLS hello kitty fine jewelry line must be a ridiculous wannabe? Because you basically think its immature to like hello kitty when your an adult woman. So I guess the man who created hello kitty 1974,, design by yuko) must be ridiculous too? Sanrio is a billion dollar industry. Do not act as If you would like hello kitty for 38 years when you have not even been around for that long. I honestly think your family/friends bash you for liking hello kitty so you stop it so you would not look immature to them anymore. Sad. Hello kitty never disappear you just forgot about her... let me up date you vans came out with their own hello kitty line slip on shoes mac cosmetic - hello kitty make up line KLS- hello kitty fine jewelry macys- hello kitty jackets/dresses forever 21- hello kitty clothes macys- hello kitty jewelry sephora- hello kitty make up/ perfume lounge fly- hello kitty bags Target- hello kitty appliances Im not a big hello kitty fanactic but I like to wear KLS jewelry... I even had a grown women in her late 40's early 50's ask me where I got my quilted hello kitty lounge fly bag. Like I said before you need to step out of your bubble.

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