Heater Issue?

Yha lol, are jeep heater is bad to 96 jeep

1. Troubles with the water heater pilot light?

what i have done is do not turn thermometer down leave it up on hot that way when you turn it to on position it will start up right away. the lines have air in them should work out air eventually

2. Water Heater - Maintenance/ Draining?

You described two different types of heaters. Is it electric or gas? If it's electric, turn off the power at the breaker and drain down with the inlet water valve off. Then turn the water back on for a couple minutes and then back off. Let it drain again and see if the water runs clear. On a gas heater, you can turn the temp pilot and do the same procedures. This is called draining and flushing and should be done at least once a year. On a gas unit, you can usually hear any deposits "popping" when the heater is on because it is boiling them. These deposits cost you money beacuse they have to be heated before the heat gets to the water

3. Can a thermocouple on a water heater be replaced?

Yes, the thermocouple in most gas water heaters can be replaced. An additional possibility is to make sure the thermocouple is properly situated in the flame. Normally pilots are lit with a fireplace match or pizo-electric starter. Someone may have used something else, such as a bar-b-que lighter and knocked the thermocouple out of the way. More details about when this happened, and any service before this happened, could also be helpful.

4. What's a powerful electric heater?

most heaters of 1500 watts are generally suited for a small bedroom. a large living room maybe 2000 watts or more... etc

5. ANY way to remove/reduce the Cigarette Stench from a vehicle?

Your going to have to shampoo interior. Add some potpurri or "smell goods" to the scrub water. Use Dawn or Polmolive as your soap solution and mix the potpurri in the water. Scrub interior, shop vac it, and wipe with a clean towel. After interior is done, turn heater on high-select floor and crack windows until it is dry. Do not forget to do door panels and headliner. Do headliner with a damp towel. You can dip towel in solution and ring it out to do the headliner.

6. I need a space heater.?

They sell a 1300/1500 watt space heater at Wal-Mart for less then $25 bucks. I use one on the lower setting in my garage to warm my dogs. I kick it up to the higher setting when I plan on spending time in there. All modern space heaters have a safety "tip over" switch in them so they are safer then the old ones. Set it at least 3 feet from curtains or furniture. Should work fine for you. Miketyson26

7. Safest heater for a small studio apartment?

I agree with the first respondent. I have used them extensively in the past and they are programmable and very safe

8. Connection for tungsten heater

Separate your wires where they enter the busbar area and clamp each wire individually with a stainless steel screw and high pressure domed washer. Separating the Tungsten wires may help in supporting your crucible. If you are in a vacuum chamber you can connect your entry wire to one of the busbars, I doubt you need to do both at the low current you are using (20A).

9. Best type of space heater?

I will disagree slightly with the first poster. An oil filled heater is what is called a radiant heater. It gets hot and the warm air radiates outward. It is a very good heater to maintain a room, but it will take a lot of power to do so and it doesnt heat quickly. I would suggest a ceramic convector heater. They can be very small for the output ( 4x6 inch unit that produces 1500 watts of heat) and will not only heat a room faster, but will use far less electricity. The principle behind the convector type heater is a small fan that blows the heat out and away. One other thing that might help tremendously is sealing off the leak from your bedroom window. If this is a rental, you can at least use the plastic window sealing kit that just tapes around the window frame. That will cut down the cold air coming in. Best of luck to you and I hope you can find this useful

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