Heater Coil Clogged Or Low Flow?

Also check to see if thermostat is working.(Check temp gauge) Sometimes thermostats hang up and stay open and cause your heater to not work or take forever to get warm.

1. question about heater, please answer?

As long as it stays that way, well yes, it's fine. That temperature is exactly right to most fish anyway. It serves only one purpose of a heater though, it only maintains a certain temperature rather than maintaining a good range of temperature that you want. So this will be of little use in other cases such as when a fish of yours gets Ich, because Ich is cured using high temperatures. You will have to use an Ich cure for that. Do not be too discouraged though, at least you actually have a heater. Well, good luck!.

2. Energy saving space heater questions?

The problem is that any heater will only provide 3412 BTU/KWH nothing more. The energy savers use slightly less power for the circulating fan. Depending on the manufacturer, the energy saving setting could either lower the output watts which lowers the BUT's, or reduce the fan speed which only lowers fan motor ampere and does nothing for real savings. Buying a unit that is to small only causes the unit to run continuous and does not have enough power to warm the area. To actually save money, I would suggest to seal off the cold from entering and/or allowing the heat to escape. Most of the "Eco friendly" or "Green" products are a marketing ploy and not much more. A BTU is a BTU plain and simple, and "X" amount energy is needed to raise the air to the level you want. I have proved many of the claims to be only a marketing ploy and nothing more hundreds of times over the decades. It sounds like a good story that they present to claim to save money, but is only psychobabble. A larger unit than needed will not cost any more than a small model since the BTU heat load stays the same and needs the same BTU amount to raise the temperature whether it runs constantly or runs 33% of the time. What makes the difference is that the larger unit warms it to a more comfortable level during the very cold conditions. The phrase "Anyone can overbuild, but it takes an engineer to build it just big enough" may apply in some situations, but if it only works down to 7 degrees and one day it is -10, it will not keep you warm. InSW Pa, 7 is the average mean ttemperature used for heating loads, and I install for minus temperatures. My customers love me when their units work at -15 or - 20 and their neighbors have to turn on the oven and use space heaters and my customers do not . Try to tighten the windows with plastic and if possible, cover the walls with insulation or something. That will give you the biggest savings.

3. need help on removing heater core?

The heater core is located behind the glove compartment. You will need to remove the two heater hoses that enter the firewall on the passenger's side. They are right next to each other. Now, remove the glove compartment. The heater core is behind it. Remove the bracket holding the core. Now, remove the heater core. Installation is the reverse. Make sure you have the heater core top side up. This job should take you approx. 40 minutes.

4. heat lamp vs undertank heater?

Actually, quite the opposite. Under-the-tank heaters are best for a pacman frog because the heat lamps have more of a tendency to dry out the frog, as well as not provide the necessary belly heat

5. Fish tank heater wont work?

No good! But if it is a fresh water tank I have not used a heater in the last 20 years and no problems with my fish

6. is my heater core ruined?

As long as the tubing does not leak you are fine, It will just be a little less effective at transferring heat

7. Why are coils of electric toaster and electric iron made of an alloy?

Coils of heater are supposed to be of high resistance as joules effect needs it to be so. Alloying a metal increases it's resistance considerably. I imagine that's because of improper Crystal structure and increased defects. Thus alloys are better suited for heater coils

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