Gas Heater, Needed Or Not???? ?

The gas man will come out and inspect install the gas meter and turn it on. He will check out the appliances and red tag any that do not look kosher. Do not feel bad. The day I bought my home my heater and water heater was red tagged. The reason was rust on the burners on the furnace and no double flue pipe. On both items. The house I bought is fiffty five years old and my parents lived next to it since 1960. My wife called me at work and told me what happened. I came home and lit both units and they have worked fine every since. I am a certified HVAC guy though so yours may not be as good as mine was. I recommend you go with a gas water heater if you live anywhere near huricane alley like me. An electric furnace will eat your lunch but a 13 seer heat pump will make you happy happy. Unless you have a gas leak your service will be turned on.

1. My betta has had a degree of fin rot - Can I use LifeGuard if I used Maracyn for the last couple of days?

A betta should be in a 5 gallon tank with filter and heater. Fin rot is usually a sign of poor water quality. You will keep battling it until you get your fish in good conditions. **

2. To buy or not to buy - tankless water heater?

A tankless unit will save you a lot of money. You can start at the water heater page at my source. You will find brand rankings there. Then you can check out the manufacturers site for sizing and to find a dealer.

3. Will a computer mouse work if it has been dropped in the water?

dont use a hair dryer - else it is going to under no circumstances paintings. slowly dry the water off making use of a heater with a towel inbetween the heater and the mouse. heater would desire to be set at a low consistent temp. thats what they do to repair laptops the place water has spilt into onto the keyboard - could me the comparable for the mouse

4. Is there any such thing as a portable heater?

There are engine block heaters, is that what you mean, those plug into an electrical outlet

5. Whats an oil heater? 10 points!?

a device that heats oil, best answer

6. Mobile engine heater?

how about the little green propane cylinders that hook to camp stoves? i am almost positive that i have seen catalytic heaters that screw on top of them. just a thought. might check cabela's

7. 2 questions on the solar water heater?

payback period depends on the state in which you live. are you using it for domestic hot water only? how many people in your house? based on the cost of installation in north carolina and a 65% tax incentive, your payback on domestic hot water with say 3 people in household is roughly 5 years. the panels my company use are called stiebel eltron. they can get upwards of 300 degrees and come with a controller on the tank to monitor temp. even on a cloudy day, our collectors on the roof are still over 200 degrees. its tough to say your energy savings because it depends how many btu's you use every day. if you live at a laundry mat, your savings and payback are very quick. life expectancy of a system is about 25 years, having to change the glycol every 5 years.

8. I just got a new betta fish but as of now I dont really have the right supplies?

A Betta fish should have a 5 gallon cycled tank with a filter and heater

9. What is wrong with my truck heater?

heat will only work when car is warm

10. Cold air out of heater vents?

The air all comes from the same place. It comes through the air filter and up/down (Depends if the vents in floor or ceiling) through the "Fire Box". Then it blows through the "Duct" work to the vents. As mentioned, the air may feel cool because of body temperature, distance, etc. If, you suspect a problem as one seem more warm. Look at the Duct work and be sure it not damaged and may be letting cold air in or warm air out

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