Downsides of Running a Motorcycle Without a Battery

The real problem is that not all alternators "self start" some do due to residual magnetism but some do not . Unlike dynamos which were capable of charging from very low voltages and eventually completely recharging a battery that was flat

1. 2005 Scion Tc battery problems?

no clicking sound = the starter or the ignition coil. are you sure its the battery? to me, since there is not a clicking sound it could be that the starter needs to be replaced. the reason why it started when triple A jumped it for you is because that extra voltage forced the starter to turn = the car started up. the battery could be fine, or it could not be. check out the voltage. if it's not at the proper level then replace it and see if it still is not working. if the battery is fine, then it is most likely the starter or the ignition coil. if you do not work on cars yourself and do not have anybody near you who does, take it into triple A and ask them to do a diagnostics test on your car. they will tell you whats wrong and are usually pretty friendly and up front about it. not always, but usually.

2. battery meter disappeared on hp laptop ?

Try to restart it or put in system restore im also have probs. with my Laptop its restarting by itself ! :(

3. why is my battery light turning on and off?

You could have a short some where

4. how to extend your battery life on android?

Well I have and android x2 and what i usually do is close programs like everyday by selecting task manager. I also turn the background data on only when I am going to read my e-mail since background data takes a lot of your battery life. I hope this can help you somehow

5. Energy storage and battery banks [closed]

We can. But they do not scale well: to get grid-level storage, you need to be able to scale to gigawatts of power, and gigawatt-hours of energy. And to be able to cycle hundreds, or thousands, of times.To date, we have one technology which will do that, which is pumped storage hydro, which typically has a round-trip efficiency of 75%. So even though that's worse than a decent battery's round-trip efficiency, its scalability means that it dominates grid storage.But that's just one small part of the picture. Behind the question of storage, is the physics question of how do you balance an electricity grid. The grid typically has very low capacitance, so electricity in and electricity out must balance at every second. To manage that balance, you can either adjust the amount going in, or the amount going out, or both.There are lots of ways to integrate high wind penetrations into the grid: this is a solved problem technically. See, for example, the work in Energy Policy by Delucchi & Jacobson; or the book by Gregor Czisch on renewable scenarios.There are more ways to do virtual storage than direct storage. For example, delaying consumption of 1GWh of electrical energy at 1GW power, for one hour, is equivalent to storing it at 100% efficiency for one hour. In the UK, a lot of energy is used for domestic hot water use. So thermal storage and delayed heating of that thermal storage, can act as a virtual storage for electrical heating of water. To put some numbers on that, Similarly, with 20 million cars, if they were all electrified, you might have 20 million 50kWh batteries, which is 1TWh of electrical storage. V2G (vehicle to grid) studies often refer to a round-trip efficiency of about 75%, which comes from 10% loss on charge, 10% loss on discharge, and a few percent on transmission.To find out more, there's a wealth of literature on integrating renewables into the grid. The paper "Energy-storage technologies and electricity generation", Hall & Bain, Energy Policy 2008 available as a pdf here, sets out some of the issues of batteries and the grid

6. Probability of Sums of Battery Life

We want to know the probability that the sum of 27 lifespans is less than 2 years (since the event of interest is that more than 26 replacements will have been made durring those 104 weeks). $$beginarray P(S_27

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