Dinosaur Night Light Deluxe | Long-Lasting LED Dinosaur Light Showcase

One of the newest sensations on TikTok and other social media outlets is the #dinosaurlight challenge. Teens submit their challenge videos where they start by tapping two or more lamps to the beat of their favorite songs. The changing colors make an instant fun little music video, plus they also learn about music, percussion, and how to complete a challenge.

You will want to pick up two Dinosaur/Unicorn Night Lights for your child so they can enjoy the TikTok challenge. Knowing they are safe and sound as they work on the musical madness will bring peace of mind, as will the fact they can use the cute little lamp at night to keep them from being afraid of the dark and bring them pleasant dreams. Plus, it looks great in their room anywhere it's displayed, from the bedroom nightstand to a shelf to a dresser drawer. You can even use the LED color-changing night light in a baby's nursery, either on the changing table or near the crib, where the soft glow acts as a virtual lullaby for baby.

Why aren't dinosaurs in the bible?

The authors of the Bible did not know that they existed

Is there any possibility that dinosaurs didnu2019t exist?

No.Okay, that's overstating it. It's possible our world's entire past has been faked by some god or Aliens or humans from the future or something, and that none of what we think happened actually happened.But at that level of "possible" it's possible that you did not exist until you started reading this answer, and that all your memories of before then, all your photographs and souvenirs and scars and leftovers in your fridge are all just fakes designed to give the, what, two-minute old now you a past so you wo not be freaked out by just coming into being.So, yes, there's a possibility dinosaurs did not exist. There's also a possibility you should be thanking me for writing this answer and thus calling you into existence...So, I would just go with "no" if I were you

Do Christians believe in dinosaurs?

yes, in the creation museum, they tell you that noah had dinosaurs on the ark--yabba dabba doo

do Creationist Christians believe in Dinosaurs?

Why does it matter since they are incredibly wrong anyway

Dinosaurs in the Bible.... bull?

Behemoth has the following attributes according to Job 40:15-24 It "eats grass like an ox." It "moves his tail like a cedar." (In Hebrew, this literally reads, "he lets hang his tail like a cedar.") Its "bones are like beams of bronze, His ribs like bars of iron." "He is the first of the ways of God." "He lies under the lotus trees, In a covert of reeds and marsh." neither an elephant or a hippopotamus has a "tail like a cedar" (that is, a tail like a large, tapered tree trunk). In your kid's dinosaur book you will find lots of animals that have "tails like a cedar." Leviathan has the following attributes according to Job chapter 41, Psalm 104:25,26 and Isaiah 27:1. This is only a partial listing-just enough to make the point. "No one is so fierce that he would dare stir him up." "Who can open the doors of his face, with his terrible teeth all around?" "His rows of scales are his pride, shut up tightly as with a seal; one is so near another that no air can come between them; they are joined one to another, they stick together and cannot be parted." "His sneezings flash forth light, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning. Out of his mouth go burning lights; sparks of fire shoot out. Smoke goes out of his nostrils, as from a boiling pot and burning rushes. His breath kindles coals, and a flame goes out of his mouth." "Though the sword reaches him, it cannot avail; nor does spear, dart, or javelin. He regards iron as straw, and bronze as rotten wood. The arrow cannot make him flee; slingstones become like stubble to him. Darts are regarded as straw; he laughs at the threat of javelins." "On earth there is nothing like him, which is made without fear." Leviathan "played" in the "great and wide sea" (a paraphrase of Psalm 104 verses 25 and 26-get the exact sense by reading them yourself). Leviathan is a "reptile [a] that is in the sea." (Isaiah 27:1) [a] Note: The word translated "reptile" here is the Hebrew word tanniyn. This shows that "Leviathan" was also a "tanniyn" (dragon). Unlike behemoth, who is huge, Leviathan is ferocious and terrifying. Many references (we have not listed them all) refer to the sea, so Leviathan is probably a sea creature. Although some bibles refer to Leviathan as an alligator or crocodile (and both of these are fierce) neither of these is a sea creature. They like the water, but they spend much of their time on land. Further, the question "Who can open the doors of his face. . . ." implies that nobody can open Leviathan's jaws. Although an alligator's jaws cannot normally be forced open, a punch to their sensitive snout or poke in eye might startle them enough to release their grip. Although this is a good description of an alligator characteristic, it does not fit perfectly with the description of Leviathan, which in the context of the Bible was supposed to describe an essentially impossible event, and we are not done yet.

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