Did Any Japanese Pilots Who Took Part in the Pearl Harbor Attack Survive Past the End of the War?

Not to my knowledge . But my knowledge is constantly growing , thankfully .I know the incomparable Saburo Sakai survived the war after losing his sight in one eye . He eventually recovered and continued to serve as a fighter commander .

However , he was serving with the units that attacked the Philippines . His post China war experience was dated Dec.8, 1941 . So he served from the same date as Pearl Harbor through to Japan's surrender .

He wrote a fascinating book of his war experience . Titled , Samurai ! , I highly recommend it

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Is having a fake Nimitz-class carrier embarrassing for Iran?

Not necessarily, because mock up targets are used all the time, and some professional soldiers dress up as opposing forces (usually some sort of communist or terrorist) for practice purposes. But here are some of the worse things that happened:It sunk. How the hell do you, as a Navy, make a target ship AND have it sink outside its intended use?Their laughable Navy that clearly cannot beat a real US battle group.

They are clearly trying to antagonize the US, which is a stupid and embarrassing move


As a teacher or a student, what is the saddest thing you've ever seen a student go through?

When I was in fourth grade, one of the boys in my classroom lost his younger sister to cancer. Unfortunately, I dont remember exactly what kind it was, just that she had gone through some treatment/surgery, and it hadnt worked. (especially sad since she was a toddler)I wasnt close friends with this boy, so I dont remember how he felt about it, or was dealing with it, but I do remember going to his sisters funeral, and his mother was devastated.


Who were the leaders in Germany during World War 1? Like Hitler led Germany into WW2, who led them to WW1?

Officially, the head of the German Empire was Kaiser Wilhelm II, emperor of Germany, cousin of both the reigning King of England (George V) *and* Emperor of Russia (Nicholas II), aka the heads of his enemies:nnBut throughout WWI, Germany became a de facto military junta lead by Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff:nThey both shot to fame as the victors of the decisive Battle of Tannenberg.


What's your reaction to Mike Pence saying that under Trump, "America is respected in the world again"?

I know I am going to catch hell from liberals about this but it is true that we are respected in certain areas of the world. Take the Middle East. Trump has accomplished peace among countries in the Middle East Papa Bush, Baby Bush, Clinton (either of them) or Obama could accomplish, with the latest Middle East peace negotiations. So clearly there are some countries in parts of the world that respect Trump otherwise he wouldn't have been able to pull off the peace negotiations that he just did.


Do you think that Rahul Gandhi being portrayed as the Joker is part of the BJP's agenda to create such public opinion?

Yes! And Rahul Gandhi is part of this conspiracy..Please follow these links to substantiate the fact!Rahul Gandhi funny speech All in oneRahul Gandhi Interview with Arnab Goswami Comedy - Empower WomenAfter seeing these videos, youll learn that Mr Rahul Gandhi has made such image himself. All that can be blamed on the BJP is that they just crystallized his image in public. He is an immature politician, bad orator and surely not serious about our countries future.Just being a Gandhi doesnt mean he has the best for the country. Even Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has the same surname but all in vain.


How do Americans feel about foreign non-white immigrants dating white American women?

I feel that people are free to choose to associate as they wish without regard to race, national origin, religion, skin color, shoe size, eyeglass prescription, hair length, or other irrelevant trivia.And I feel that those with problems in tolerating freedom of association have serious mental health issues, for which I hope they get proper treatment. Such animosity has led to all sorts of malevolence and it is long past time to stop, once and for all, criminal action premised on idiotic, racist notions of protecting white women.


I'm 23. I lack experience and general knowledge, and I'm a superficial, naive person and lack depth. How do I become a "deeper" person or "a person of depth"? Is reading books a good first step?

Read, my friend.

I was in the same boat as you, 4 months ago.

I was a reckless human, wanting to do just what I wanted to. Didn't feel the need to expand my horizon.

Here I am, 4 months later, reading up on a bunch of things. (God bless Quora for that!)

From reading book on the Dravidian race, to reading up 3 of Shakespeare's plays, to counselling the sons of street hawkers on their education plans, to arguing with fellow Quorans on why must India vote for Modi, I have seen it all. Who would've thought being unemployed would be a good thing? :)


How did people call each other before we started using surnames. Wouldn't it be confusing if you have 17 Marks in one village?

They used nicknames to identify each individual.Thus if one Mark had red hair or a birthmark or something similar then that would identify them.In Scottish or Welsh (and Irish too) towns with people with the same surname, nicknames or other identifying aspects are routinely used. The crows have black hair and brown eyes. Hence John Mackay was known as Iain Crow.Donnie B MacLeod (tv presenter) was one of four Donnie MacLeods in his class. The first one was Donnie A, second was Donnie B, etc


Why is Tripura not part of Bangladesh?

It was not part of East Pakistan also; before formation, partition, and independence of Bangladesh.From the partition and independence of India in 1947; Tippera became a part of East Pakistan but the Maharani Regent of Tripura signed the Tripura Merger Agreement on 9 September 1949, thus Tripura became a Part C state of India.Part C state means a union territory which is a type of administrative division in the Republic of India, the central government directly rules union territories, unlike the states those have their own elected governments.


Can you recall some instances of minority appeasement in Indian politics?

In Dec 2016, few months before Uttarakhand State Election, the ruling Congress Govt. made the below announcement.It was decided that a special break from 12:30 PM till 2:00 PM will be given to the employees from the Muslim community. Chief Minister Rawat said that since most Muslims religiously offer Namaz, they deserve to get a fixed time officially for the purpose.

Uttarakhand: Muslim government employees get special break for Friday prayersIn Feb 2017, Congress party suffered a humiliating defeat with BJP bagging 57 out of total 70 seats.The proposed appeasement planned by Congress died a natural death


Isn't it weird that George Weasley ended up marrying Angelina Johnson?

I got the impression from the books that George went to the Yule Ball alone (unless someone knows who he went with) and the movie seemed to confirm this. It has always led me (weirdly enough) to believe that George had a thing for Angelina and Fred got there first. So he got what he wanted in the end, but at what cost? It's a little weird on Angelinas part, but for Fred and George, not so much. They shared everything anyway, they were basically two halves of the same person. I imagine that if Fred had lived, they'd still be sharing a room, married couples and all


SPOILERS What was the biggest twist in the A Song of Ice and Fire series?

That would be whether the books get finished, these showing whether or not peoples overindulgent obsession of a messy Medieval Soap Opera posing as fantasy was warranted.If they dont get finished because the author dies, no one will ever have any of their questions answered. So the greatest twist would never knowing what happens. Only having the TV series to go on, leaving all of the poor self-absorbed fans to wallow in their grief.Think I need to get some popcorn, this is gonna be good


How did Samael and Lucifer differ?

If God is all powerful and he created all things and said they were good. According to Job nothing happens with out Gods approval. Nothing changes, nothing can be done because of his plan. We are his creation and not even a bird that falls in the sky he knows about. And he cures for all things. According to Isaiah we are the geat evil. The choice is easy between obedience or non-obedience. Lucifer was created to be who he is. I know nothing about this Samael. If he existed he still falls under the same rules as all creation


As an investor, how do you respond to a venture whose pitch for investment is not led nor presented by the venture's CEO or leader?

Hey Jonathan -The usual gang have answered already, so cant add much.In short, its frickin weird if the CEO isnt pitching.If there is an intermediary in the room I get annoyed.

Its the CEOs job to raise money. Thats the primo the VCs will spend time with going forward. Investment is a relationship game. Its not transactional.Its cool for people to have different styles. If the CEO is basically a lead dev, (theyre still not hopefully dumb) they can talk very technically and still get a yes (so long as their model is technical).


What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard from a creationist?

I once asked my female primary teacher why arent women allowed to preach from the Bible?Her answer: God didnt create women as mentally capable as men. If a woman were to do do that job they would go insane!My response: So women can be police officers, firefighters, pilots or astronaughts and yet talking in front of a number of people in a church from an old book is too mentally stressful for her? Think Id prefer to be a scientist anyway thanks, so Ill keep my sanity.


What, if anything, was wrong with Gary Oldman's Sirius Black in Harry Potter?

He was too handsome looking. Due to the horrendous effects of the Dementors and the inhumane conditions, Azkaban Wizarding Prison was supposed to make its inmates gaunt, rail thin, and emaciated; and with him surviving off of rats after he escaped Azkaban, his life after incarceration wasn't much better. Same thing with Sirius' cruel cousin, Bellatrix Black Lestrange; I absolutely *loved* Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of her because she was absolutely spot on, but even with her fine dining at Malfoy Manor, she was still describe as "gaunt with heavy-lidded eyes. The makeup people really dropped the ball on them.


Is Stephen Fry an atheist?

It depends on your definition of the term.Using the most common definition, which is person who is not theist then yes, Steven Fry does not believe any gods exist.But a less common definition is person who is certain no gods exist then no, Steven Fry has admitted the possibility that gods exist despite his failure to believe any do.

This is the position of approximately 80% of the people who use the first definition, atheists who meet the latter definition are fairly uncommon.Now, heres the twist. IF the Christian God exists, Steven Fry insists that He must be unutterably evil. A reasonable position, which he backs up.


What were the biggest anti-intellectual movements in history?

Religion by definition is anti-intellectual and anti-rational. It uses the simulacrum of intellectualism by encouraging art and music and even writing that all serves to feed belief in supernatural nonsense. It is anti-intellectual in the way religion cynically distorts the practices of intellectual activity to actually enslave minds and convince poor people to support hierarchies that are governed by an elite class. Religions reliance on fear, violence, and threats to subdue challenges is the hallmark of a system of thought that cannot stand before reasoned critique.And no religion is immune from this condition


Why did the Netherlands abandon neutrality after WWII?

Because the Nazis invaded them? And when they refused to surrender they bombed Rotterdam till no building was left standing prompting the government to surrender while the Dutch Royal family had gone into exile in Canada. The threat of repeating this procedure (which the Germans had practised at Guernica in the Spanish civil war and used on Warsaw as well) on Brussels and/or Antwerp made the Belgian king Leopold III also surrender after 18 days fighting. His choice to stay in Belgium and be captured by the Nazis would lead to a great controversy after the war.

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Acraga umbrifera of spot lightAcraga umbrifera is a moth in the family Dalceridae. It was described by Schaus in 1905. It is found in French Guiana. The habitat consists of tropical moist forests.The length of the forewings is 1112mm. The forewings are white with a broad light brown postmedian shade. The inner margin is shaded and there is an indistinct discal spot. The hindwings are white with pale brown at the anal angle. Adults are on wing in March and June.------Etymology of spot lightThe species name refers to the specialized scales forming a hairbrush on the dorsal edge of the antenna and is derived from Latin antenna (meaning long projection) and pilosa (meaning hairy or pilose).------Ethmia antennipilosa of spot lightEthmia antennipilosa is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by Wang and Li in 2004. It is found in China (Guangxi).The length of the forewings is about 10.5mm (0.41in). The forewings are light grey, somewhat pale brown. There are fourteen irregularly shaped black spots or blotches scattered on the surface. The hindwings are pale grey.------Tactusa rima of spot lightTactusa rima is a moth of the family Erebidae first described by Michael Fibiger in 2010. It is known from northern Vietnam.The wingspan is about 12mm. The ground colour of the forewing is light yellow, suffused with brown patches and lines. The dorsal part of the antemedial and postmedial lines is brown, subterminal pale and margined proximally by blackish patches, all extending weakly to the costa. The terminal line is marked by interneural black spots. The hindwing is dark grey, with an indistinct discal spot and the underside is unicolorous grey.------Pollex kononenkoi of spot lightPollex kononenkoi is a moth of the family Erebidae first described by Michael Fibiger in 2007. It is known from northern Sulawesi in Indonesia.The wingspan is about 10mm. The forewing is narrow and light brown, but dark brown on both sides of the terminal line. The hindwing is unicolorous brown with an indistinct black discal spot and the underside unicolorous brown.------Eridachtha hapalochra of spot lightEridachtha hapalochra is a moth in the family Lecithoceridae. It was described by Edward Meyrick in 1932. It is found in Guinea.The wingspan is about 13mm. The forewings are light yellow ochreous, faintly infuscated except at the costa. The first discal stigma forms a small round fuscous spot. The hindwings are pale greyish.------Lethata fusca of spot lightLethata fusca is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by W. Donald Duckworth in 1964. It is found in Amazonas, Brazil.The wingspan is about 25mm. The forewings are fuscous with a slight purplish hue and the costa is narrowly light rosy ochreous. There is a dark fuscous dot in the fold at the basal third and a white spot at the end of the cell, edged with dark fuscous. An outwardly curved, transverse row of dark fuscous dots is found at the apical four-fifths. The hindwings are whitish ochreous shaded with grey.------Athrips gansuensis of spot lightAthrips gansuensis is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It is found in China (Gansu).The wingspan is about 18mm. The forewings are grey with indistinct paired black spots at one-third and two-thirds. The hindwings are light grey. Adults are on wing at the end of July.------Antaeotricha fasciatum of spot lightAntaeotricha fasciatum is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by August Busck in 1911. It is found in French Guiana.The wingspan is 2124mm. The forewings are light greyish ochreous with a broad blackish brown oblique fascia, this begins on the costa from the basal fourth to the middle of the costa and reaches to the middle of the dorsum. The edges are not even but reasonably parallel and sharply defined against the lighter basal and apical parts of the wing. At the apical third is an indistinct and ill-defined dark fuscous cloud parallel with the fascia and mainly noticeable by its outer edge, which appears as a dark, thin, undulating line from a small costal spot to the tornus. The hindwings are dark fuscous.------Shimonia timberlakei of spot lightShimonia timberlakei is a moth in the family Cossidae. It is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it has been recorded from Eala.The wingspan is 38mm for males and 41mm for females. The forewings are glossy light ochre with a sepia cell-spot and a small patch of olive ochre distally. There are several faded lines of olive and an olive subterminal line with a patch of olive ochre in its distal half. The hindwings are uniform glossy light ochre.------Melaleucia tertia of spot lightMelaleucia tertia is a moth of the family Erebidae first described by Michael Fibiger in 2008. It is known from south-central Sri Lanka.There are probably multiple generations per year, with adults recorded in July, August and September.The wingspan is about 12mm. The forewing is broad and white, although there is a terminal line in some specimens marked by black interveinal dots. The hindwing is light greyish brown, with an indistinct discal spot.------Druceiella basirubra of spot lightDruceiella basirubra is a species of moth of the family Hepialidae. It was described by William Schaus in 1901 and is known from Bolivia and Peru.The wingspan is about 80mm. The forewings are dark grey, the space between the subcostal and median area shaded with dark ochreous brown. There are some small golden yellow spot, as well as an outer, subterminal and marginal row of dark ochreous brown spots. The hindwings are light brown with long reddish hairs at the base.------Chlamydastis mendoron of spot lightChlamydastis mendoron is a moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by August Busck in 1911. It is found in French Guiana and Panama.The wingspan is 2426mm. The forewings are white sprinkled liberally with light brown and with three equidistant small, black costal spots, the outer two most prominent, all edged with brown. At the end of the cell a short deep black transverse dash is preceded by a brown spot and from this a perpendicular brown streak runs down to the dorsal edge just before the tornus. At apical fifth a pre-marginal line of brown spots runs parallel with the termen. The hindwings are triangular dark brown. Females have somewhat lighter hindwings.
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