Despite India Being One of the Worst Affected Countries in the World, Why Is the BJP Government Afra

India is hardly one of the worst affected countries in the world, if you pay attention to the percentage of population, the below 3% mortality rate, not to speak of the 60% recovery rate.If you just want to bait the BJP government, it was that government that enforced a strict lockdown and posted spectacular figures of containment of COVID 19, which could not be kept in enforcement for too long.That time period gave the nation enough time to prepare and postpone any potential spread.

We know all the indiscipline and the chaotic migration before the eventual unlock that had to be facilitated, but the latter was rather well managed in various parts of the country, by which time it was left to the states.Right now, the worst affected spots in India - Delhi, Maharashtra and TN are run by non BJP parties. And they're testing plenty!Why're you afraid to bait those parties?.

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How has the Narendra Modi government reduced corruption in India?

I can quote one instance of scientific and authoritative corruption that too by a Government ruled by Modis BJP. It is the Govt of Maharashtra controlled Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. last year tenders were invited for sewage treatment plants costing many thousands of crores of taxpayers money. the tender document said the technical bid will first be opened and based on the contents marks will be awarded and tenders not able to score the cut-off marks will be rejected then and there. This is the first time that technical contents will be evaluated subjectively and awarded numerical marks. The attributable idea is to indirectly encourage a coterie and qualify them and they will be supportive in tender cost to the pre-decided tenderer. The matter has been taken to the commissioner, Chief Secretary, CM and PMO and there is no answer to this. This is actually a case allegeable as authoritative corruption in Modis regime. Now all other departments all over India can follow this new brand of corruption.


What if the atomic bombs intended for Hiroshima and Nagasaki were instead dropped on Berlin and Munich?

Nothing useful. Both Berlin & Munich were in ruins & Germany had surrendered before the bombs were ready.Now, if you mean, the bombs were available earlier & Berlin & Munich were untouched? Well, They would have had to fight through a much longer ground supported area & the Germans did have the ME-262, so, I suspect that the Bombers would have needed serious escort cover.PS. OTOH! You also needed the B29 in its "silverplate" configuration. (See: Silverplate - Wikipedia)Those Silverplates weren't available until early 1945. Note also that the Tinian Silverplates were the latest versions with no guns (except for the tail stinger) and no gun cut-outs. The weight reduction & continuous hull allowed a much higher ceiling.

See: David Ecale's answer to Why couldn't Japan shoot down the B-29 planes Enola Gay and Bockscar carrying the nuclear bomb when they entered their air space during World War II?)It took the availability of both the bombs & the delivery vehicle


Why did Marvel wait so long to give fans Cap's most famous line?

I'm a Marvel movie fan, but never really read the comics or knew anything beyond the 90's cartoons. I didn't know the phrase, until the cliffhanger in Avengers: Age of Ultron and learned online afterwards what it meant. I liked it, but it got cut off. Like a giant tease. I now felt the frustration the comic fans felt.

I was brought on board for the hype, I remember telling my movie buddy where it was from and he was in on the hype. And then, 5 years later, we FINALLY got a payoff.Kevin Feige knows comics, knows how geek communities work, knows what makes them tick; he is a geek himself. He is a damn smart producer and plays the long game. He knew the value of these type of cheesy lines if done right, so that's what he did. He plays the audience like a fiddle.Marvel waited so long, because Kevin Feige is good at his job, basically.


Why did the value of the pound fall after Brexit?

Yes. Badly.Since the June 2016 referendum, Bloomberg has been tracking the value of the UK currency against 140 other currencies. And has poorly pound has lost value against 130 of them.The Venezuelan and Turkish currencies are the main ones have peformed even poorer than the fragile Brexit UK pound.

Source: Economist & BloombergRecently, UK cabinet minister and Brexiteer supporter Liam Fox stoked up fears of a no-deal Brexit. He now rates those chances at 60%. After his announcement, the financial markets responded accordingly and marked down the UK pound further still.Expect another Brexit pounding for the beleagured British pound. In the event of Mr Foxs actual a no-deal Brexit, the pound will be pounded. Some estimates suggest 1 will buy just US $1.15. Against the Euro , it will drop below partity, which has already happen at some UK airport foreign exchanges.

And with 30% of UK food imported from the EU, Brtish households will feel the squeeze. As well as avoiding costlier annual foreign holidays


Is there a memorable incident during a toss conducted in international cricket?

It was the summer of 1988 and West Indies, led by Viv Richards, were touring England for a 5 test series. The series would later be known as the Summer of Four Captains.Going in to the fourth test, England were down 0-2, and had appointed the third captain of the series in Chris Cowdrey.

On the morning of the match, the all excited English captain went out for the toss, impeccably dressed in whites and the England blazer. After making him wait for around 20 minutes, the King emerges dressed in a tee, track suit bottom, bandana and flip-flops.The coin was tossed. Richards won and asks Cowdrey: What do you wanna do, Cow, maan? sending the message that the toss isnt going to make much of a difference to the result.

Not sure what to say, Cowdrey answers hesitatingly Bat?Okay maan, you batSo Viv bowls. And wins by 10 wickets.Swag at its best.Cheers!!Image - Google


What was India's initial role in the formation of the LTTE? Did India ever provide support to the LTTE? How have India's strategic interests changed over time since Indira Gandhi?

The LTTE was heavily supported and armed by the then P.M.Indira Gandhi and funded by then C.M.of Tamilnadu M.G.R. Eelam would have become a reality if the same position continued.But P.M. was assasinated by her own bodyguards and Rajiv became P.

M. His single most stupid act was sending our Army into Sri Lanka. The LTTE was subdued and enraged. So it took revenge by killing Rajiv, then Ex.P.M. So during the final war India which was shadow ruled by Rajiv's widow Sonia, kept itself away from the carnage.

One tragedy led to another. A seperate Tamil nation supported by India would have been more beneficial to the defence and national interest of India,not forgetting the welfare of Indian fishermen.Now China is investing heavily in Sri Lanka which is a few nautical miles away from our southern tip. You can well imagine what it means for India's defence and marine resourses.


As an Indian, what led you to form an opinion on homosexuality and what is your opinion?

We, Indian people(not everyone) can easily believe that Ghosts exist, but they won't believe you if you say that homosexual people also are born being homosexual.For many people , homosexually is a matter of joke(well thanks to Bollywood for portraying homosexual people as an object of joke all the time).For other bunch of people it is a diseases. And they strongly believe that it can be cured.I personally didn't know any homosexual person as in person until 2015. I got to know the person as the person told me about it.

That's it.

It didn't do much to my opinion about homosexual people and our relationship. We still are the same as we were since the time we became friends.Now coming to the question What is my opinion about homosexual people?My opinion about the homosexual people are just the same as their opinion about heterosexual people.

I and my people are not such person who judge others on the basis of their sexual orientation


After 10 years, who will be remembered the most - Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli?

Everything in the world has two aspects,Here,The two aspects will beHumility of the personHis performance as a cricketer.In the answers which I've read on this question are all based on the Performance let Me touch the other aspect. The Humility.In Geeta we read,That the one who is humble stays for a longer run rather than the one who first uploads a video of respect for all the women associated with him and then abuses the mothers and sisters of the youngsters because he was hitting his bowlers hard. You know of Whom am I Talking.

Virat as a performer will always be remember whether it is 2027 or 2037 but for Humility Sachin, Dravid and MSD will always be Called out First .All of know the simplicity that the Master, The Dependable and The Cool trio hold.Not only are they humble but are also great players .

My Grandpa always tells,Pranshu, over aggression is a symbol of decline,always keep your cool and make it sure you hurt nobody.


What caused the silent majority to vote for Trump in 2016, and will it happen again in 2020?

What causes the silent majority to vote for Trump in 2016, and will it happen again in 2020?Video: Horrific moment business owners and couple is attacked by looters | Daily Mail OnlineElderly woman beaten with clubs by 4 men, who continue to kick and punch her on the floorTrump: Those men are criminals who must be brought to justice

Biden: White deserved it, black lives matterNow, if you are a woman, or indeed, just any decent human being, are you going to vote for the man who thinks women should be beaten in the streets by 4 armed men, or are you going to vote for the man who believes that criminals who beat people in the street with clubs should go to jail?Now, they might not be prepared to loudly proclaim they will vote for Trump, because doing so invites violent retribution from the deranged left, but in safety of the secret ballot box, things are very different.


Who was Boadicea and when was she the Queen of Britain?

Britain didn't exist as a single territory. It was split into small tribes and families. Boadicea was the wife of the king of the Iceni tribe (Prasutagus). He had an agreement with the Romans that was ignored after he died. She rebelled when she was allegedly flogged and her daughter's raped. She gathered an army of people to fight the Roman soldiers and destroyed several cities but was defeated at the battle of Wattling street by a heavily outnumbered army. Depending on who you believe (Tacitus or Dio), she either killed herself with poison or died of illness...this is all IF she existed.The first actual Queen of England was Mary (Matilda was never actually crowned if I remember correctly).The first monarch of an actual England didn't come until several hundred years later and by some is classed as Offa or Egbert.

(If im wrong with these parts there are some splendidly intelligent Historians who I will gladly acquiesce to)


What is something you wish you didn't see that you'll never forget?

Back when I was in the Navy (almost 20 years ago), I used to visitbecause I had a fascination for seeing shocking, disturbing images. It bothered me more than I was willing to admit at the time. I still vaguely remember some of the stuff I saw on that site. I don't look at stuff like that anymore.I notice the site was taken down in 2012, which I'm totally against because I'm against censorship. If it was due to obscenity laws, then I think that's bogus because obscenity laws seem arbitrary. That kind of media isn't illegal and shouldn't be, not in a country like the - WikipediaThere's - Redefining the Media, a website today which is very much like it, except it at least has some substance. It shows shocking events caught on tape, such as war footage, executions, and assassinations. It's not gorey purely for the sake of gore, likewas

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