Chaumet Adds Cuff Bracelets to Its Signature "liens" Collection

The French jewelry maker has introduced two cuff bracelets to its iconic Liens collection.Chaumet's two latest creations have a contemporary yet timeless style, featuring the signature knot motif of its Liens collection at the center of two parallel gold bands.The first model, in white gold with 228 brilliant-cut diamonds (4.07 carats), is closed by two intertwining bands, while the second, in rose gold with 22 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.37 carats), is open at the back.Chaumet has chosen "liens," French for "ties" or "links," as the theme of a vast collection of pendants, bracelets, rings, and even headbands featuring the motif of an open knot. The collection includes pieces in white, yellow and rose gold, often encrusted with diamonds, and even a few pieces with ceramic accents.The new cuff bracelets in Chaumet's Liens collection are available from this month.cp/ls/lwt

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