Car Is Blowing Cold Air I Had the Heater Core Replaced Do U Think Its the Thermostat If so How Much

Really need to know Make/Model/year to answer a question like this, Do you have a temperature guage? If you do is it running in the normal range? If it is...Not the thermostat! Could be a water control valve, could be an air door not opening, could be..... If the guage real very low might be the thermostat, cost any where from $25-$150 depending on vehicle type.

1. how much would it cost to replace a heater core in a '92 taurus?

You can purchase a Heater Core for not much money. However, having one put in can run you $900.00. They have to take out the entire dash, etc. , etc.

2. my heater core is leaking but i cant seem to find where the hoses are to bypass them.?

look at the back side of the engine ,that should be a 3.1 in that car,and right in the middle of the car on the firewall you,ll see two hoses that run through it,to bypass it you have to come back on the right side of the engine and cut it off or take it off and connect the two together at the engine,this will bypass it,you can run it like this as long as you want but come winter time you,ll have to replace it,that will solve the leaking problem with it,their hard to get to from the top,sometimes you can get them from the bottom a lot easier,good luck

3. How do you remove and install a heater core in a 1998 F-150?

Buy the repair manual at Napa or another parts store. The book is always a handy reference and you may need it again

4. 99 9-5 saab heater core leaking water in car what to do ?

understanding the type may be valuable, no longer understanding that I even have here suggestion, locate somebody that is conscious a gadget that pressurizes the cooling equipment and pump it as much as approximately 15 pounds. you could borrow this gadget from Autozone, yet you may go away a deposit, approximately 60$. as quickly because it particularly is pressurized the leak will commonly practice it self interior 5 minutes. it particularly is right to get a stable easy of a few form and flow slowly below the automobile and seem around. it could additionally be a freeze plug no remember if it particularly is an older automobile, they corrode from the interior and improve pinholes which will pretend you out by way of fact they are going to seal intermittently whilst some debris pass alongside with the water it particularly is leaking, as corrosion back makes yet another hollow, it leaks back

5. do you need the heater core to run the a/c?

Not without working on it, no. If you want nothing but full cold, you can bypass the heater core (which is leaking and causing the antifreeze fumes) until you can replace it... But there will be some residual coolant left in the heater core, which may continue to leak out. Or it may not keep leaking, since there wo not be any pressure. For every temperature but freezing, you will need to replace the heater core. The other thing you are going to run into is that, depending on the Jeep (older 4.0L models, for example), the heater core is calculated in as part of the cooling system and bypassing it may raise your operating temperature. And a rotting heater core will encourage the evaporator core to rot, at which point you wo not have heat or A/C. Replace the heater core. And while everything's torn apart, there's really no reason not to replace the evaporator core too.

6. what does the heater core in my car do?

the only thing the heater core does is takes in hot anti-freeze and when you turn on the fan it blows hot air out into the car

7. cracked heater core cont. guy wants $2200 for the car. i like it and i have no car now. what should i offer?

nothing, car is not driveable. its worth scrap cost(under 500 bucks). if he pays to get it fixed then you can think about it. Def get an inspection since you not buying new!

8. Foggy windshield. Coolant leaking inside car. Is this the heater core?

Volvo S40 Heater Core

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