Car AC Condenser Cost Everything You Need to Know

When the AC condenser unit in your vehicle contains refrigerant that is under high pressure, it is more prone to leakage if there are any vulnerabilities in the part or any damage that has built up over time. You will notice leaks due to the failing seals and the leaking seals. Although small leaks are a normal part of the aging of the AC condenser in your vehicle, the entire part should be replaced before all of the coolant leaks out of the system. Coolant leaks are a huge part of the air condition system, and can increase the total car AC condenser cost.

Water is coming out of the AC unit?

Sounds like 1 of 2 problems here. A. The evaporator drain pan may have a debris in it B. The condensate drain line has a restriction in it. Hopefully they did not glue the PVC joint that goes into the air handler at the coupler ( i never do) that way you can pop the PVC line off and blow out the line. If its all glued your going to have to cut a section and then use a 3/4 coupler where you cut it to put it back together. I would also note that at some point the may freeze up as it can not drain the water. BTW you dont have a condensate pump do you? If the pump has failed that would cause the problem as well. Square box with a power cord coming off it, its external of the furnace if you have one. The float may be stick or bad,

Wheres my AC leaking.?

compressor seals

Heating Unit and AC problem, help?

The fan needs to be running on the outdoor unit, YES the fan needs to be running even in heat mode on a heat pump., if not that will cause the outdoor coil to freeze. Cause is 1 of 3 things. 1 - a capacitor 2- defrost circuit board 3 - motor is bad

What are the applications of the AC-130?

The best demo on film available to all is in the John Wayne movie Green Berets. I know a guy that worked on the 7.62 electric gatling. He claimed they could put a round 2 inches apart from 3000 or more feet covering a wide making hamburger meat from above was his analogy. Never did see them fired. ..did see a Cobra do a run with 20mm. ...much larger round. ..many dead bamboo trees in Viet Nam according to my CO from holding the trigger too long. He told another guy he fired on 1 single Charles with the 20 and he could not see anything left...spooky has the 20

How to clean outside AC Unit?

Just hose it with slow water. Do not bend the fins. How many BTUs. Check if the vent is leaking

My heating and ac isnt working?

Nice try people. because of the huge difference is current draw of many fan motors. they have two fuses one for very low speed low speed and medium speed. the other for Full blast. the chances that three positions on the switch all went bad at one time are slim to nun. go check all the fuses and see

How long should an AC unit be on for?

No one can answer this from the information provided. The outside temperature, the amount of insulation, the size of your appartment all influence the demand on the unit. None of this data was provided. Secondly, the unit's size needs to be known. The electrical circuit is 20 amps (presumably this is the fuse size) but that does not tell us the heat transfer capability of the unit (in btu / hr). Now if the unit used to cool with marked less time being on, you may have lost some refrigerant and it may need to be filled but we really cannot state that is the cause either.

HV AC Question: Humidity levels?

in heating mode, you should not really be getting any condensation considering 100% relative humidity at 27% is about 22% relative humidity at 72 degrees. "Ideal" humidity in the home should be 30-45% according to most HVAC standards, but it really boils down to personal comfort. If you are getting that much water, until you get a second opinion on what is going on with you are specific system, I would recommend just leaving the drain valve open. Regardless of the relative humidity outside, you should not be getting any condensation, and the air inside is not going to give you any either if you are heating it

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