Can You Put an LED Bulb in a Normal Socket in Which You Normally Use Incandescent?

I have one I've used for a night light for years. It is 13Watts

1. How much electricity does a 60-watt LED bulb use?

Generally speaking, about 60W... but it will depend on the overall efficiency and power factor of the lamp in question. If the lamp has a PF of 0.95, then it will use about 63W in total - and a 60W LED lamp will be blindingly bright...

2. Can I use a USA Led Bulb in Europe? [closed]

If the bulbs are rated for use on 120 VAC only, then they will almost certainly be destroyed if you attempt to use them on the common European 240 Volts.If they are rated for operation on both 120 and 240 volts (or as many computer and phone chargers, 90 - 250 volts) then they will be OK on 240 volts

3. What happened to the $3 LED bulb that was reported to be in development a couple years ago?

They are working on it, but it has not come out yet

4. Does an LED bulb use the same power at lower brightness?

Nope,On an variable supply, I will draw near no current until it lights up and then the current will increase until it pops.Of course, some of them has a regulated PSU built , in which case the current will stay the same for a range of voltages. BUT!When you get to the bottom of the regulator's limit, the lamp will start to dim and take less current.

5. Can you suggest a cheap LED bulb which can compare to a Philips white ambiance?

Look in E-bay

6. I want to charge a 6 volt LED bulb for 12hr with the help of a battery charged by solar panel. Please guide me?

No. Your source is in uncomplicated words 6 Volts, you could't get any more desirable out of it. once you've a 12 V capacitor, it really is rated as a lot as twelve V. Connecting it to a 6 V source will charge it to 6 V, no more desirable. in case you are taking 2 6 V DC aspects and connect them in series, then you have 12 V (similar to batteries)

7. Approximately how many watts of power does a 9 white LED bulb tactical flashlight put out?

Frankly I do not know. But your local Radio Shack might be able to give you that info

8. Is it safe to use a 28W LED bulb in a MAX 15W lamp fixture?

Dude why do people ask stupid ass trick questions?? What is heavier- 10lbs of shit or 10 pounds of your feather brains?

9. how to protect a 12 volt operating DC LED Bulb from 230 volts mains supply

If you want something that blocks AC voltage use a: Note: The order of these components is not entirely accurate

10. Running a 6V DC LED Bulb from a 8V AC current source?

That seems about right. The capacitor is for smoothing the output. Even with a full wave rectifier bridge, the DC output will vary widely without a capacitor.The capacitor will remove the 30 or 60 hz flicker that is inherent in most AC signals. The circuit above is how you would wire it. The load is the led plus the appropriate resistor, which is the next closest standard value to 176 ohm, as you properly calculated

11. Can Model Wind Turbines Produce Electricity To Power An LED Bulb?

sure it can. Get a red LED and a 1k resistor, and connect then in series to the generator output. edit. I looked up the web site, and those look pretty small. But they should be able to power small LED. Try reducing the resistor to 100 ohms if need be. .

12. Using 220V LED bulb in US on 120 VAC help?

Sorry, you would need a transformer, not an adapter. I know it's not the answer you want

13. How much does it cost to produce a 14W LED bulb in India?

The cost is somewhere around 200 to 325 depending on your units produced per day. on that you add the distributors percentage and retailers percentage adding to 800

14. Where can I buy good cheap LED bulb?

Buy led you can going to Ebay , Amazon etc.But why you want to buy cheap led bulb? That's for your self it is not good. Cheap led bulb will take you bad moon feel, the lighting is not good, will let's you looks like ugly ....also important, cheap led bulb have not passed basic test, maybe can take some safe dangers !Please consider it!

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