Can I Use a Regular E26 LED Bulb As a Replacement for a Refrigerator Light Bulb?

In theory, any LED bulb should work. There are bulbs designed specifically for refrigerator/freezer use like this one. The bulb you listed is a 60-watt equivalent, which might actually be too bright - due to glare you really don't want your refrigerator to have too much light as it can actually make it harder to see things, as counter-intuitive as that may seem. The bulb I linked to mentions vibration resistance, among other things. In theory, "appliance bulbs" in general should be a bit more "heavy duty" than regular bulbs

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Multiple weak light bulbs vs one strong light bulb

You basically have the right idea.LEDs don't throw much heat (they do throw some, but not all that much) so overheating the room with the lights is probably not much of a concern.I'd encourage you to look at LED fixtures rather than LED bulbs to go into sockets, especially since you are putting on new fixtures anyway. A series of compromises are made to create an LED bulb that goes into a socket like an incandescent bulb. An entire fixture deigned as an LED fixture can avoid some of those compromises


Why do my led bulbs state: not for use in totally enclosed luminaires?

The electronic Driver circuit in LED bulbs has to be more robust or some kind of thermal cooling to make the bulbs last longer and to be used in enclosed fixtures.nCheaper LED bulbs do not have those features so they will not last long in an enclosed fixture. The manufacturer of the cheaper bulb nows this, so they put that language in their packaging, so they can advertise long life and not have customers mad at them for failing to soon.


How fast can a 120VAC LED bulb be switched on and off? (Without serious damage)

It depends. There are various designs possible for these bulbs, some of which handle it better than others. It also complicates matters if they're supposed to be "dimmable", which means they try to detect the short on/off cycles applied by a triac dimmer and turn that into a smooth brightness level. I had a set of those that, if dimmed below about 25%, turned into strobe lights.

At least try to use a zero-crossing triac system so you don't turn them on or off while current is flowing. That avoids being detected as dimming


Lower led bulb intensity with resistor

Your big metal film cap is is the main part that sets up led current and hence brightness . If you increase the series resistor value you will waste power to dim the lamp .Halving C will halve the led current Try some lower values to get your desired level of brightness .

Remember that this cap is a mains part and should be safety rated like X2 .If you do not have an assortment of caps on hand you can use your existing caps in series to ascertain your desired value for purchasing


How do I ground my LED retrofit in a ceiling can?

Warranty? For 3), cut the ring connector. Don't cut a hunk out, just split it. Use dykes. Then you can bend it (like a key ring spreads) around the bolt and when you tighten it, it will flatten out again as a ring and won't fall off. But that's not the most secure place to connect (i.e., the height adjustment screws don't tighten very tight). Any other location for securing this connection to the can is probably a better choice (e.g., for 2), use self-tapping screw next to the hole that's too large)


Recessed Can Light Not Working

It sounds like the the center contact has loosened up in the fixture, with the power off pry the contact up a little and that may solve the problem. There are usually temp sensors in can lights but since changing the bulb made it work for a while I would check the center contact on the fixture. LED's usually will not produce enough heat to trip the thermal sensor. It could be a loose connection in the wiring, but again, since changing the bulb made it work, check the center contact


Why are LED bulbs in a cooker hood flashing when I put in the fourth bulb?

This usually means that the transformer either is not large enough or not compatible with your LED bulbs.It could also be a problematic bulb or socket, so before replacing the transformer, try the bulbs in different sockets and see if its still always adding the 4th bulb in the same location that causes the issue. If its always the same bulb, regardless of number of bulbs installed or location, then that bulb is probably defective. Otherwise it's probably the transformer.Note that some transformers/drivers, dimmers, etc. are rated differently for LED vs incandescent bulbs.


G9 LED Won't Fit In Socket

I just ran into this, and found an apparent solution. I took 220 grit sandpaper on the edge of the countertop (face up) and did about 20 or 25 strokes on each flat side of the G9 base, on each of the 4 long vertical corners of the base and then tried to round the 4 bottom outside corners above the wire loops a bit. The bulbs pushed in much easier after that. The base is something like porcelain, so I can't imagine it's harmful to the bulb. 150 grit might work a little better in hindsight - especially for the corners


How can I use transistors to work as an SPDT relay using the common pin as input and NC/NO as outputs?

For me, the simplest method would be to convert the 12V input levels into TTL 5V levels. The floating inputs pulled down to zero using a resistor. Then program the behavior using a small microcontroller. The outputs could be either relais or power MOSFETs. Maybe there is such a device already to buy. If you don't have tools to play with electronics then maybe arduino? Using this method, you could even program the brake light to strobe like in Formula1 Hehe :) For the output a RFP30N06LE MOSFET would do.


LED characteristics to use in heating a material sample?

It really depends on what kind of sample you want to heat up, but the most common way would be to use IR LEDs, like these. I'd use a small lens to focus the beam on the sample (could be tuned precisely enough using visible light from red LED). Make sure you protect your eyes when you power up the IR LED though - its emission is invisible and doesn't make your iris contract or your eyes hurt, so it has potential to burn your retina when visible light would be mostly harmless.


Is it possible to light a led bulb with AA battery?

AA batteries may be used to light LEDs.The factors to be considered are LED forward voltage, LED forward current and battery voltage.The battery voltage should be higher than the LED forward voltage. A resistor is to be used in series to limit the LED current.

The resistor value is to be calculated using the formulaBattery voltage LED forward voltage (LED forward current * Resistor value).The required resistor wattage is to be arrived at using the formulaWattage (LED forward current) * Resistor value.The LED blew since 120/240V was applied to it instead of 2V.


What is this plate on an exterior wall?

That is a small photocell. They work just like a switch by turning on/off via dusk to dawn. They require moderate visibility, range in maximum wattage, and generally are only for tungsten lighting loads.

Though newer photocell switches are CFL/LED compatible.Also, they usually direct wire to high voltage and need a permanent power source unless the owner is okay using a manual override switch. Typically used for outdoor light automation. Best to use LED bulbs though as dusk to dawn on-time can burn through a incandescents life cycle.


Is it safe to install a dimmable LED bulb in a fixture that is not dimmable and has only on and off settings?

Short answer: Yes.Slightly longer answer:What makes a light fixture dimmable is the switch/interrupter controlling it.If it is on a regular on/off switch it won't regulate the voltage and won't dim. If it is on a dimmer, it can regulate voltage which is considered dimming. An exception: Some low-voltage fixtures using low quality transformers (mostly electronic) have a tough time with dimmers, so some manufacturers label fixtures with these transformers as "Non-Dimmable".


Which LED bulb is the best in India?

We generally thought, the big brand always produces great things. Yes, most of the case it happens but personally, I fell that sometimes normal companies are also better than the big name. Recently, I purchase a LED Bulb. As an Electrical engineer, I checked all the parameters of that LED bulb like lumen, watt, voltage & etc. After examine that I found one new company which isSylantech LED. This company Bulb is so good. I purchased it. After using these LED Bulbs I am very impressed with the quality ofSylantech LED.I recommendSylantech LED Bulb


How do I claim the warranty of a Philips 9W LED bulb B22?

This LED Bulb used for domestic lighting in a house is generally coming with a warranty of 1 year. If you have the purchase receipt you may claim it from the dealer who sold it to you, but otherwise you may write to Philips customer care with details and get replacement.Generally when i buy, i get the dealers signature on the lamp plastic top with a CD marker for easy warranty claim, which is very easy. Generally warranty only covers faulty workmanship and not physical damage or electrical damage, blast due to high voltage.Use your discretion


Help fooling vehicle diagnostics

it depends how tight the tolerance for bulb power rating is assumed in the car lamp fail detect circuit. However tungsten lamps are 10x lower R when cold so the current surges then decays to 10% when hot.14V 5W RV/W14/5 40 hot and 4 cold times 2 in series 8 which would draw 50 watts with 14V with a fixed resistor when LEDs are turned on.

The threshold depends on the duration of the pulse. I would start with a 1000uF capacitor and a 1k 1/2W shunt resistor and see if that reduces the flashing and warning


Can this lumen to lux calculator be trusted?

Since a half-meter radius sphere is about 3 m^2 area, the bulb would have to emit about 8300 lumens, which is around eight times what an actual 16W LED puts out. Also, a person's face is nowhere near a square meter area, so the actual flux would be much lower than 2767 lumens even if that number were correct.A typical 16W bulb will have a flux at 0.5m of closer to 350 lux, and without calculating facial effective area, I'd guess the total lumens in a human face at that distance to be about 20.


What would happen if I went over the wattage limit specified by my path lights?

Yes and Yes. The maximum wattage is probably to prevent buildup of heat, and using a value over the limit could cause issues: melting the fixture, burning the bulb out, or potentially causing a fire. You will also cause a higher current to be flowing through the wiring, which could be an issue.Note that the only important value is the actual wattage of the bulb, not the "watt-equivalent". E.

g. if you switch to an LED bulb you may be able to get much more light while staying under 5 watts


Transformer labeled 120v-60hz-35va-12v - What exactly does it do?

Here 35 VA means 35 volt-amperes.If a system is purely resistive, that would be equivalent to 35 W, but in cases where it isn't, we need to use complex power which consists of real part measured in watts and imaginary part measured in vars. Since the ratios of those parts can be different, the transformers are specified in VA, which takes both parts into account.The voltages would be 120 V AC nominal input at 60 Hz and 12 V AC nominal output. Do note that in cases where the load is light, the output voltage will be higher than 12 V


Light fitting won't work with more than one bulb in place

Your fixture is made to use a set of 4 x 4W LED bulbs (for a total of 16W), but you're trying to use 50W halogen bulbs instead.

This is extremely unsafe, because the halogens give out orders of magnitude more heat than the LEDs do, and your fixture is not made to survive all that heat.

It's a good thing that it's "smart" enough to "see" that you're overloading it and shut down instead of just work for a while before catching fire.

You need to get some GU10 LED bulbs to use in that fixture.

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