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As an alternative to independence, could Spain reform into a country led by Catalonia?

There are several flaws in this question. But let me point the biggest one:The country is not 'led' by Madrid. You would have the same decissions with the same people if the Congress was held in Valencia, or Sevilla, or A Coruña.That should clarify things

how to remote control LED matrix within nearby sealed environment [closed]

I have chosen to solve problem using Particle Internet Button which uses Photon Arduino board, with an LED matrix shield. Photon features WiFi interface for wireless communication to control pattern of LED matrix within sealed environment, from external iPhone/iPad iOS control device

Is this a case for the US led invasion of India?

U.S. Policy will be to encourage India to grow as a counter to China. This is exactly what Europe did to the U.S. to counter the Soviet Union. While we wasted our money & lives, Europe down scaled their defensive capabilities and spent money primarily on domestic (social) programs.

Why hasn't the Democrat-led Congress written new laws to regulate Fannie & Freddie?

Because just as they did in 2008, Fannie and Freddie must be free to continue to destroy our Free Market System - so, instead of regulating them, these radicals in the House gave them a literal carte blanche for any amount of money they want, and at any time they want it. You must realize that Obama did not come to unite anyone; he has come to divide and to destroy our Capitalist system. Obama knows that he cannot replace our economic system unless he first allows our economy to implode and self-destruct. So, he is helping it along - and thats what you are watching right now in the Housing market, the takeover of our banks and larger companies and our healthcare system which is a large chunk of our economy. Obama wants to do two things: destroy us economically, and pull us down from being a world power. Everything he does, every bill he wants passed, every policy he puts forward - all of it is for the sole purpose of doing those two things. You do not think all those ultra-left radical revolutionaries in the White House and in the Obama Cabinet are just by accident, do you? Oh no.....these people are wackos but they are also revolutionary communist groups. Obama is fulfilling the "Dreams of my father" yep, his father who was a COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARY. OBAMA STILL HAS A COMMUNIST WARLORD AS HIS FIRST COUSIN: WHEN OBAMA VISITED THIS COUSIN DURING THE CAMPAIGN, THE COUSIN HAD JUST LOST AN ELECTION AND HIS RESPONSE WAS TO SEND MILITANTS FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE KILLING ENTIRE FAMILIES. THE TOTAL DEAD BY NIGHTFALL WAS APPROXIMATELY 100,000 PEOPLE INCLUDING SMALL CHILDREN AND INFANTS. Barack Obama not only needs to be thrown out of the White House, but he needs to be thrown the hell out of the Country as well. And one more thing: ] The voters in this Nation had better stop voting for a guy as if they were voting for "American Idol". I cannot believe so many voted for a man who refused to allow any questioning or the vetting process. We are suffering dire consequences of people who voted while they acted like silly little spoiled girls on the playground. As a result, we now have a nutcase revolutionary in the position of most powerful seat in the World.

What skills or knowledge did you acquire in the military that have led to a civilian career?

After stopping flying in B52 bombing missions over SEA. I went into photography and it was the best thing that happened to me. At the age of 33 I went into photography. A year later I was running the Photo Lab at the US Air Force Academy. When I retired at age 38. I went to work for the Governor of Texas as a photographer. Then 5 years later I worked for the Blanton Museum of Fine Art at the University of Texas for the next 18 years.

does the epic 4g have the flashlight app, where the led flash on the back stays lit up?

Yes, and it can strobe. I also have a Jb 4 and I have it set to where I hold down the lock button and the led comes on so there is no need for the app

2 led on latching pushbutton NO arduino

If you do not have push-on, push-off switches then you can implement the following circuit using mostly digital components.The input stage is a classic cross-coupled NAND de-bounce circuit that will get rid of any glitches coming from pressing the button. The second stage is just a basic D-type flip flog configure as a T-Type (Toggle) flip-flop. Finally you can use the flops complimentary outputs to drive your LED circuit. Depending on the flip-flop you use, you may not need the output transistor stage.Note: All values are approximate. I just used the default circuit wizard values. simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab

What would Ronald Reagan really say about the current anti-media, anti-FBI, and CIA stance of many US citizens led by Fox news talking heads?

I would be with Former President Reagan in agreement with the current anti-media, FBI, & CIA stance that most of the the American people led by FOX News talking heads. What we are seeing is the confirmation that the "Deep State" and "Deep Throat" anti-Trump elements are alive and Weill in Washington and the White House. It's time to completely rid all of them from the swamp seen in Washington. A. 10. 19. SP.

how come sony and samsungs led lcds are the only thin led around?

LG has one coming out in early September that will be a thin LED 240Hz

How would you place led zeppelin into a larger context of popular music?

Now I understand I dont know about heavy metal, hard rock is more like it (for their more popular songs)...heavy metal started with Judas Priest and no band even mentioned "metal" as a genre until Judas Priest these guys are rock and they are an exact example of how rock started...rock took many genres (especially blues) and put them all into one. This is exactly what Led Zeppelin did...most of their stuff is FAR FROM METAL. If you listen to their albums you hear blues, classical, bluegrass, jazz, latin...they played it all and they gelled it all together and made rock. In my opinion, Led Zeppelin is arguably the greatest rock band of all time (of course, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones could make solid arguments). They are inarguably the greatest hard rock band of all time (Metallica being their only heir apparent). Growing up in the 1970s, EVERYONE seemed to own EVERY Led Zeppelin album while usually owning one or two Beatles albums (usually the red and blue greatest hits double albums) and one or two Rolling Stones albums (usually the greatest hits double album Hot Rocks). And Led Zeppelin owned FM radio throughout 1970s, 1980s, and into the 1990s unlike any band before or since (many stations would regularly have all-Led Zeppelin hours and even all-Led Zeppelin weekends). Aspiring guitar players all wanted to be Jimmy Page and aspring drummers all wanted to be John Bonham. The same can not be said for John Lennon or George Harrison or Keith Richards or Ringo Starr or Charley Watts (while integral parts of great bands, none of them were especially good players). But why? What made Led Zeppelin stand out compared to other groups was their sound: Jimmy Page's phenominal guitar playing, including long leads, the hard, driving rythm section of John Bonham and John Paul Jones, and the powerful and often mystical vocals of Robert Plant. And their songs were centered on that sound: a riff, a beat, a melody, etc. , as opposed to following the standard verse, chorus, verse chorus, bridge formula of popular music. Many Led Zeppelin songs do not even have the title in the lyrics! Therefore, Led Zeppelin should be considered part of the hard rock genre.

Why isn't the Democrat-led Congress, with the votes to do whatever they want, passing Obama's healthcare?

Because unlike republicans who move in lock-step, no matter what is being presented, the democrats actually have differing opinions on political questions. That is called debate and is healthy for our government.*

after the defeat of the kings forces who led england?

Not sure which defeat of the King's forces you are talking about. The Napoleonic Wars lasted from 1793-1815, and resulted in a decisive win for Britain and her allies (Austria, Sweden, Russia and Prussia), with Napoleon himself as the overall loser. From 1714, the beginning of King George I's reign, right through to 1901, the end of Queen Victoria's reign, the same Dynasty, the Hanover's, ruled Britain. England and Scotland had shared the same monarchy (more or less) since James I in 1603, and were united under the same Parliament by the Act of Union in 1703. Perhaps you are referring to the American War of Independence (1775-1783). Britain gave up on that war when the British Parliament voted to discontinue the war effort. It had been seen as a pointless and unwinable conflict, since they finally realised that once the American people had decided on their own future, there was little Britain could do about it. This of course resulted in victory for the American Congress, but the King at the time, George III, still happilly sat on his throne in England until his death in 1820. His throne was never at stake during that conflict, just his rule over the American colonies. If you are thinking of the English Civil War, (1642-1651) when Charles I's Royalist forces were defeated by Oliver Cromwell's Parlimentarian forces, then England (eventually Scotland and Ireland too) was governed by Oliver Cromwell during his brief Protectorate, which lasted until his succesor, Richard Cromwell, dissolved Parliament and resigned as Lord Protector in 1659. The British monarchy then re-established itself under Charles II the following year.

What led torch flashlight is good for nightly riding?I am looking for a headlight and a led torch flashlight for nightly cycling.?

I have not used Tank007 flashlight before but I have a Sure Fire flashlight, it is much expensive than the Tank007 flashlight, though, if you would like to pay that much money, you can get a Sure Fire

Has anyone ever figured out how much they have actually saved by using led bulbs for lighting?

I have not , but I am sure many have. Very roughly, an LED bulb will use 1/10th the power of an incandescent bulb that produces the same light. So, we know that for lighting, led bulbs will save you 90 percent of the electricity you use.The problem is, most electricity use in the home is for water heaters, air conditioners, heat pumps, stoves,refrigerators, etc. Lighting is not a significant portion of one's electricity bill, so really, changing bulbs does not save much.300 watts in 16 hours, or 4800 watt hours, is what I estimate I used per day using all incansescent bulbs. That's about 5 kilowatt hours. My utility charges about ten cents per killowatt hour, so that's 50 cents per day, 15 dollars per month. I can not imagine anyone using more than twice that, maybe three times that. So, if one spends 15-45 dollars per month on lighting, LEDS will save 13.50 to 40 dollars a month. Using nice round numbers, about 10-50 dollars per month, depending on usage. As I said, that's not much in the grand scheme of things, but as they say, watch every dollar. They add up

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