Best Modular Trailer Manufacturers You Should Know - Goldhofer Trailer, Scheuerle Trailer

Hydraulic modular trailers are heavy haulers that are commonly used in the transportation of bulky cargo. You will find most of these haulers being used in construction sites and many other places that deal with movement of heavy cargo.

These have been the number one choice for many governments that use them in the construction of bridges and roads. They are also used widely in shipyards.

Modular trailers are constructed of dozens of wheels that are controlled through a computer or a control panel. They are typically used in the transportation of tons of heavy cargo.

However, moving loads from one area to another will require a number of modular trailers.

A number of the construction equipment and sections cannot be sufficed with the use of a single trailer. The versatility, durability and capacity of modular trailers vary across brands.

For that reason, your choice of a modular trailer will largely be defined by your operations. There are quite a number of companies that can offer you with a solution for heavy road transport to choose from.

A number of factors come into play when making a choice of the same. While you may consider your budget as one of these factors, it is important to know the type of deal you are getting into.

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Identifying a good dealer of hydraulic modular trailers requires a work of research into the quality and design of the vehicles.

Keen buyers have always taken the time to request for design drawings to have a thorough idea of how construction has been made.

The choice of material is also a factor to consider as it will determine the strength and durability of your choice trailer. There is a lot of information available across the board about various modular trailer manufacturers.

Read more about reviews and feedback posted online about the different brands that you will come across.

Today, there are various manufacturers of these hydraulically controlled modular trailers and here are some of the best that you will come across around the world.

This company began as a forge back in 1705 and has evolved to become an international vehicle manufacturer. The company makes intelligent and outstanding transport solutions that have found major use and application around the world.

The vehicles made have been useful for both on-road and off-road heavy-duty haulage, airport operations and for carrying oversized cargo.

If you are looking for a vehicle that will cater for your needs in all kinds of terrain, then Goldhofer brands are some of those available in the market to consider.

Goldhofer prides itself as a leading manufacturer of these types of transport solutions because of its high standards in the manufacturing processes and procedures.

What makes the company competitive in the global market is the quality of products it makes every time.

The company's operations are conducted in a 100,000 sq. meter premises located in Memmingen and Ostfildern. It has engaged over 700 employees to run their operations.

The company has made sales of over 35000 vehicles scattered around to over 160 nations. The products made are off varying capacity that ranges from 20 - 10,000 tons.

For that reason, you cannot fail to get a trailer that is a perfect match for your needs. Some of the products that can be bought from the company include heavy-duty modules, Goldhofer trailer and semi-trailers.

The company has particular products for moving heavy cargo especially in airports. Goldhofer merged with Schopf in 2013 to boost its operations and expansion efforts.

This way, the company has been able to diversify and grow, providing customer-friendly solutions to their transportation needs. Both companies have the most superior airport technology internationally.

You can not go wrong by choosing their products for your air and space transport operations.

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Among the TII Group is Kamag Company. Located in Ulm, the company operates on 45,000 sq. meter premises and has employed about 300 employees.

The company too has hundreds years of experience in the making of heavy-duty vehicles. The company manufactures modular transporters, terminal logistics vehicles and industrial vehicles.

Particularly, they make products such as special transporters, power booster and shipyard transporters. Ideally, there is variety to choose from.

The company also offers solutions for the air and space industry and the metal industry as well. The company was started in 1969 and later on moved two years later to its location in Ulm from where it has been operating from.

It made its first hydrostatically driven 7-axle ship section in 1971. Within a period of 3 years, it received an order of 30 vehicles of that kind.

Over the years, the company has grown to manufacture a new series of self-propelled modular transporters.

Kamag has a significant contribution in the market and has earned a large customer base due to its reliability, efficiency and quality customer service.

Basically, this is one of the trusted companies around the world in the manufacturing of heavy-duty vehicles.

This is yet another popular and widely known manufacturer for heavy-duty vehicles. The main vehicles include electronic modular self-propelled vehicles, heavy duty trailers, heavy modular trailers and special self-propelled trailers.

Products manufactured by this company are used in various fields especially in the steel industry, in construction and for heavy haulage.

The products have also found major use in the aerospace industry, wind energy, offshore platforms, oil and gas and lastly in shipbuilding. It has a long history of trailer manufacturing and operations with heavy-duty vehicles.

Cometto establishment dates back in 1954 but built its maiden mechanical trailer in 1955. Their first self propelled modular transporter was launched in 1981.

The company has grown over the years through mergers and acquisitions. In 1985, it merged and acquired Bottero Glass technologies as a way to expand its operations.

The company started building modular transporters with the biggest capacity around the world. The modular transporters with electronic steering as manufactured by Cometto have the capacity to accommodate up to 70 axle lines.

The company offers modular transporters with a number of power pack units. Customers can consider choosing diesel or hybrid transporters based on the number of axle lines they deem appropriate for their operations.

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Scheuerle is regarded as the biggest production site of transporters in the Transporter Industry International (TII) Group. The TII Group is an umbrella of various companies such as Kamag Transporttechnik, Nicolas industrie, Scheuerle and Tratec.

It is a global leader in the building of heavy-duty vehicles used in road transportation. The type of vehicles made use pendulum axles that are controlled through hydraulics.

This company builds and tests its vehicles on a 70,000 sq. meter premises. The types of vehicles that they make include vehicles for road transportation, compact automobiles for road transportation and power boosters too.

The company also makes self-propelled modular trailers and self-propelled transporters. This has been made possible through experience that has been accrued for over hundreds years now.

The mix of experience and technology of four companies put together in its manufacturing is what makes the company a leader in the industry.

The history of the company stems back to the 1860s when the founder, Christian Scheuerle got a forge. Over the decades, the company has continued to make major milestones.

It has moved the manufacturing of retractable bogie units to making the best self-propelled modular trailers in the world. In 2005, Scheuerle set a record by delivering the biggest antenna transporters.

The trailers have purely been made of proven technology that works and for this reason, the company has been able to deliver products that match legal and industrial standards.

Among the forming companies of TII group is Nicolas. It is a leader in the supply of specialized heavy-duty vehicles and that includes self-propelled modular trailers.

Other products as manufactured by the company include compact and modular vehicles for special transporters and for road transport.

The company has built its reputation throughout the years particularly in the provision of modular trailers that address common transportation needs for heavy cargo.

More than that, Nicolas provides customized solutions for the transport industry particular in mining, wind industry, air and space industry and so on.

The company is listed as one of the oldest builders of transporters around the world. It was established in 1855 to start the manufacture of transporters targeting the agricultural sector.

Therefore, the company brings decades of experience into the industry.

When you want to buy a modular trailer, you definitely are looking for a company that has the experience and know-how of everything regarding operations.

There is a wealth of experience that will give you the confidence to go for help from such a company. For Nicolas, they began to offer transport solutions for industrial goods later on in 1939.

This is the year in which it manufactured its first trailer. Twelve years later in 1951, the company introduced a model of lowbed trailer and later on in 1965 made the first 6-axle modular trailer.

The company attained a great milestone in the 1970s when it manufactured big ship transporters. The company would later change ownership following Senator Rettenmaier's acquisition of the Nicolas Industrie later on in 1995.

Nicolas' Tractomas got into the Guinness Book of Records 10 years later in 2005. It has been a work of continuous quality improvement and providing more useful cargo transportation solutions that work.

This is a China-based manufacturer whose dedication has been in the provision of perfect transport solutions to all its clients around the world.

ANSTER got established with an objective of reaching the high-end market in China. Operations and general performance of the company began to soar high almost suddenly following its establishment.

ANSTER then established a department in 2007 to take care of foreign trade when the international sales began increasing quickly.

In 2005, ANSTER was able to make its first self-propelled modular transporter. Technology investment made it possible for ANSTER to quickly rise and become an internationally competitive manufacturer of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters.

ANSTER's other products include semi-trailers, hydraulic modular trailers and has continued to provide many other transport solutions despite being considered a young manufacturer among the known SPMT manufacturers.

The company has been praised for the quality of products that match fairly with those of other manufacturers. This has been made possible through sufficient allocation of resources to the quality control department.

ANSTER has invested in building a team of professionals who make sure that all products manufactured by the company meet the internationally set standards in the industry.

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The manufacturers of hydraulic modular trailers as discussed in here are the best you will find around the world. The most common thing which each one of them is the variety of products they offer as transport solutions to their clients.

Still, you will find that their products are applicable in various fields. The companies endeavor to offer solutions for agricultural, oil and gas, aerospace and environmental sectors among many other areas.

Manufacturers of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters as discussed are internationally known due to the high-quality and precision of their products.

They offer the highest efficiency and biggest capacity you will ever come across around the world. If you are in need of the best heavy-duty haulers, this is a list of the best brands you can go for.

All have a mix of experience and modern technology that offer you a perfect solution for your transportation needs.

Buying a modular trailer from any of these manufacturers is a guarantee that you will get the best product in the market.

The confidence in these products has been built over the years and with a dedication to this sector, the companies have been able to continuously improve on the heavy-duty vehicles based on the needs of their clients.

You have options with you and it is unlikely that you wo not find a suitable hydraulic modular trailer that suits your operations from this list. Try them today.

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