As a Classical Music Fan, Are You the Kind Who Has Several Versions of a Piece in Your Collection?

I agree with Yvonne Caruthers--as a performer it's important to hear several different interpretations of a piece you're preparing.For example, we trombonists don't get many solos. One of the most important is in the Mozart Requiem. I have 4 recordings of this and have listened to at least 20 more, borrowed from friends, on the internet, on the radio, etc. Some are good, some few are great, some are totally over-the-top in one way or another; but I've learned something from each one: phrasing, tempo, dynamics, vibrato style/width/speed etc etc

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How do collection agencies work?

Every year, many businesses suffer from various types of financial losses, and one of the most common is, accounts receivable loss. Due to the failure in repayment of the debts, most companies face financial losses. There are many debt collection agencies, which help in collecting past-due debts that the debtors owe to the companies. These collection agencies provide third-party collection services and with the assistance of these agencies, the companies are able to prevent their accounts receivable loses. For further suggestions, it is better to consult with an expert, who has good knowledge in this field


What is the collective wisdom of humanity?

Wisdom is different from smarts. Collective wisdom is different from collective intelligence. I see two aspects to "the collective wisdom of humanity". The first is the truths held in common by widely different religious and spiritual traditions - particularly the Golden Rule (and its underlying fundamental of "reciprocity" - especially as applied to strangers, enemies, nature, etc.

) and various mystical insights into the interrelationships among and unity of all Life. The second would be the well-considered insights and guidances generated by well-informed groups of appropriately diverse people on different issues at different scales (see the Wise Democracy Project for the many dimensions of that dynamic)


What happens to all the old Indian rupees that are about to get torn? How are they found and collected before recycling?

The Reserve Bank of India decides the reprinting of notes.The RBI collects the notes and coins returned from circulation and then separates the notes that are fit for circulation from the ones that are not. The notes which are fit are sent back for circulation and those which are unfit for reissue are destroyed.

Same procedure is carried out for the coins. The rejected coins are sent for melting.

Every year, the RBI estimates the number of currency notes required and places an order with the government which then gets it printed from the four printing presses across the country.


Is there a collective word for nieces and nephews?

My wife helpfully contributes that "sobrinos" is the Spanish term for nieces and nephews collectively, but I don't know of any English term for all of them as a group -- "nieces and nephews" is the only way I know to say it that I know of.Perhaps we should adopt the Spanish word since we seem lack a modern English equivalent (there was a time long ago when you could've just used the term "nephew" regardless of gender), and since Spanish is the second-most common language in the USA (spoken, as either first or second language, by roughly one-sixth of the population)?


Why should I keep my collection of music on cassette tapes?

Is this a collection of pre-recorded audiocassettes?If they are pre-recorded, I would keep them. You may find out that your audiocassettes contain an alternate mix, or a longer version of a song that isnt available anywhere else.For example, some audiocassettes of Raw Power (1973) by Iggy and the Stooges have a unique mix.

If you have kept your audiocassettes in good condition, you may be able to sell them for a good price. Audiocassette collecting is in its infancy. You wont get rich, but mass-market audiocassettes in good condition sometimes sell for $30.


If an autistic person collects something as a hobby, will their collection be more organized than a person without autism?

Depends on the autistic person.Leaving aside personal preference entirely, many autistic people struggle with executive dysfunction. Executive dysfunction makes it very hard to be organized, the worse the dysfunction, the harder it is.So even autistic people who really want their collections to be uber organized may not be able to manage it.

That said, there are definitely autistic people who will hyper organize their shit way beyond what most allistic people would consider necessary or reasonable. We do tend to become just a bit obsessed from time to time


Which is the most treasured book in your book shelf and why?

A complete second printing of Winston Churchill's WWII history with the first owner, an American Colonel's stamp on the inside covers.A first edition of Bruce McConkies infamous "Mormon Doctrine"A second edition of The House of Israel, a syncretic British Israelite/Mormon book with fold out plates and extensive diagrams.A first edition of Mario Puzo's The Godfather, sans dust jacket found in a Montreal thrift store.

A first edition of Capote's In Cold Blood, also found in Montreal thrift store.When I own my own bookshelves again, they're all going on display.;)


How can I organize and search a large collection of PowerPoint slides?

Our slide library solution, TeamSlide (, helps organize large content repositories and allows you to search, insert, and share slides without having to leave PowerPoint.Similar to Google image search, you'll get a visual preview of all the slides that match your search criteria. Then just click on a preview to insert the corresponding slide into your presentation. You can even access components of presentations like images, charts, and other PowerPoint shapes. With TeamSlide you can tag or add other metadata to your slides to help keep them organized.


What is the best way to render ammunition harmless to be displayed in a collection?

Ammunition is harmless when outside of the firearm. If you are displaying a weapon and ammunition together as a collection type thing I don't understand wanting the amunition harmless. If the weapon could be fired the possibility exists that you may need to fire it. If the weapon can't fire the amunition is harmless.I got this far into this before thinking about amunition bigger than bullets. If that's what you are talking about I apologize. I would suggest you call your local police department and ask to speak with members of the bomb disposal unit. You will need help that the internet can't provide


Do you think India should be divided into a few countries? Would it be better if India were a collection of smaller countries which could cooperate, have controlled migration, and reap the benefits of their natural resources and local talent?

See what happened the last time. Do you think the smaller countries could at all survive? They'd be taken down by vultures like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China in a heartbeat, because they'll obviously not cooperate with each others. It'll be like giving up our country to these vicious neighbors for the sake of the naive idea of an ideal world; just so happens Indians are far from mature. How do you think Mohammad Gauri, The Mughals, the british reigned and took down a massive country like ours? It was because it was divided into small kingdoms fighting amongst each other.


What comic books and graphic novels should be included in a university library's collection, and why?

Osamu Tezukas 6 volume Buddha. Tezukas the creator of Astro Boy, and this graphic novel history of Buddha deserves a place in comic history as well as the religion section.Adrian Tomines Shortcomings. It will be an important document for any Asian-American historian in the future, but is also a good example of melding short story and graphic novels.Gotta agree on Schulz Peanuts!And adding Tove Janssons Moomin. Surreal but funny. Beloved around the world.

I also think that some zines would be culturally important. Mome is the one I generally like for its emphasis on emerging graphic novelists


Which rock band had the strongest collection of songwriters as a group?

Which rock band had the strongest collection of songwriters as a group?The two previous answers and comments cover most of the best examples.I firmly believe that the two definitive answers are The Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young which have already been mentioned in a previous answer.One group that is missing so far is The Traveling Wilburys. Admittedly the two albums they released are not as good as the work they each did outside of the Wilburys. Each member was iconic in his own right before the Wilburys formed at it was interesting to see the collaboration


Can you share a picture of your heel collection?

I can't, I don't have any, and I don't intend to. They're just a call for blisters, broken ankles, and back issues.We weren't made to walk on heels, so why ruin your health by wearing heels constantly, one of man's dumbest inventions.

But here, I can show you my no-heel shoe collection:Nice, aren't they? And they're a lot more comfortable than any uncomfortable, painful heels.Many women I know say they're uncomfortable. If they're so uncomfortable, why the --ll wear them?!Would you post pictures of your heels collections?.


What is the most expensive game or item you own in your video game collection?

This goes not by value, but its one of the oldest things I own. Well my dad owns it but its basically sitting in the dust. And it would be, da da da da:The Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Collectors Box.

Its not expensive whatsoever, but I think its an interesting own. It comes with a bunch of mini-books that have information on where you should hide on whatever maps, as well as all of the original games. Nothing special, you can find it on ebay for less than $20. But thats my most expensive one (in the heart)


What do fine art collectors do with their collection besides owning it?

As a very minor league collector, I can tell you what I do. I love telling friends about the various pieces in my collection. I enjoy living with it, an endless feast for the eyes. Many collectors lend their work to museums for a specific show. I was recently approached by someone from The Fowler in LA who was looking for a piece by Myrland Constant. Sadly, I had none to offer. When my life ends, the pieces my heirs dont want will be donated to a museum or sold off.


What happens to a bee hive if the honey is not collected?

Life will go on in the hive.The foraging workers will continue to collect nectar and pollen and draw out more wax comb.

The drones will fly out and mate with queens if any are around.

The queen will lay eggs and the workers will feed them and new bees will be produced to replace the older workers.And they'll grow the colony and at some point they'll split the colony by swarming and create two colonies from one.

The bees will continue to collect nectar as long as it is available.Nothing bad happens if honey is not collected.


How powerful is the Lupin Collection?

We don't know yet. So far we've only seen individual collection pieces that enable entirely typical monster-of-the-week powers and equally typical ranger equipment.Supposedly the completed collection can grant wishes, which would essentially make the collection as a whole infinitely powerful - BUT (assuming I'm reasonably caught up on the show) we only have one individual's assertion for that, and the individual in question is shady as hell.I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the collection is no more than it appears, but most of the series is yet to come so we'll see.


What is the box office collection prediction of the Uri movie (2019)?

Uri collected 70 crores in first weekUri - The Surgical Strike has emerged a BLOCKBUSTER with insane collections on its second Friday with around 8 crore nett. It could even be the second Friday is bigger than the first Friday (8.50 on first Friday) which has probably never happened to a film which opened at the levels of Uri - The Surgical StrikeThe film will probably clear the 100 crore nett mark in its second weekend and possibly towards 175 crore nett or even more. The film is certain to cross 150 crore nett.The patriotism and dialogues in the film have struck a chord and barring South India this film is doing huge numbers


If you are a guitarist, do you always have at least one Gibson or Martin guitar in your collection, and why or why not?

I used to have multiple Gibson and Martin guitars in my collection. The reason I no longer do is because I have found vastly superior guitars made, mostly, by small builders.For acoustic guitars, check out Emerald Guitars. They make non-conventional designs made out of carbon fiber. This offers superior attack, resonance and tuning stability with zero maintenance. If you are dead set on wood guitars, Check out Moonstone acoustic offerings.

For electric guitars, check out Jet Guitars, MJ Mirage, Nash, Moonstone and many others.After you play those, there is no going back to Gibson or Martin

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