Are There Any CFL Or LED Alternatives to a Halogen T4 Mini Candelabra (E11 Base) Lamp?

Led Mini Candelabra

1. Parallel LED strings of different colors and Arduino

Another option would be to use an addressable RGB string. There are a number of variants depending on the chip that they use (LPD8806 and WS2812 are two common variants), and there are nice libraries for both for the arduino. You can also drive them with 5V, so you do not need two separate power supplies. Adafruit carries a nice selection of them

2. did someone know about vizio company? i saw vizio LED 55 inch tv,, and i was wonder is that japanese company?

They are based here and the tvs are made in China

3. How do I get Pencil led out of my face?

WRONG Pencils dont contain lead people, why doesnt anyone know this. It is strictly graphite, its non poisonous. They dont make lead in pencils for all the little wee kids to chew on and lose brain cells or get lead poisoning. Common sense is obviously something not seen in todays society.

4. Help my Cable setup box (Austar) cannot be installed on my 3D LED Samsung TV?

You probably need to upgrade to an HD cable box with an HDMI cable output. Then you will be able to connect it to your tv with an HDMI cable. Using an older sd box will not provide a satisfactory quality signal for your new tv.

5. How to make an LED blink using logic gates?

you need an oscillator, and then counter circuits to divide the clock frequency down to something you can actually see, like 2Hz You can not actually make an oscillator with logic gates, you have to use some analog component like a resistor and capacitor, or a quartz oscillator (actually, that's not quite right - you can make weird things like 11 inverters in series that uses gate delay for timing)

6. Does the Apple LED cinema display work with an iMac?

Yup, most of Apple's Displays have been designed to work with each other, if nessicary. They would make a great combination if you can afford em'

7. What LED white tone is best for a photo light booth for accurate colors (particularly blues and purples)?

Check the white balance setting in your camera. It should probably be set for sunlight and not incandescent

8. Can i hook a 120v LED to the end of a self regulating heat trace?

What the heck is a self regulating heat trace?

9. How do I compare the amount of light from the low wattage LED bulbs with regular incandescent ones.?

usually it says how many lumens the light gives off

10. Measure duration of LED pulse and conditional serial print [closed]

An LDR (or Light-Dependent Resistor) can not be used to measure pulse widths of such short lengths. From the above link:The lag time when going from lit to dark environments is even greater, often as long as one second.To differentiate between such short pulse widths consider using photo diodes. For specific examples consider searching for and understanding Arduino projects which learn / copy IR codes from existing IR remote controls.

11. My computer wont start but fans and the LED working,monitor's Power LED is blinking?

You could also check and make sure that you monitor is fully connected to your computer and vice versa

12. Would you say he led me on or I just misread him?

You are playing with fire. It takes 2 to tango, and if you are a married woman and he is a married man, you two have no business tango-ing. Decide to love your husband and no one else and be thankful it stopped at this. It is going to stop, is not it?

13. tried putting led's in my dash but only neddles are blue and not the actual dials?

Do not buy a kit, those kits are cheap and tend to burn out. If you really want to make them blue and have the patients here is what to do. Take the cluster out of the car. With a pen mark where the needles are sitting. Mark it lightly or with a pen that can be washed off later. Next take the cluster apart. Take the face (dials) off the cluster. Flip it over. On the back side you will see like a yellow orange film on the numbers. Scratch that film off. Only do this to the numbers. Put the cluster back together. Your numbers should now appear blue. Make sure once you get the cluster back together in the car you get either a G. P. S. or some other way to verify your cars speed. Even though you mark the spot the needles were there can still be error in your speed

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