Any Mechanics Know??? Car Heater Problem?

The resistors for the fan motor are probably bad if it worked on low, but high didnt work, ect. They are usually located on the circuit board where the heater control and stuff is. You can replace them if you know what you are doing and can solder. Radio shack should have the resistors.

1. How can I keep mice out of my car heater and fans?

De/con mice & rat killer put it out away from pets say goodby to them>>?

2. HELP Why won't my car heater work?

possible to have to bleed the system. some get air locked when drained the system.

3. My car heater doesnt work, why is this??

The heat in the cabin of a vehicle is provided by a heater core. A heater core is just a smaller, secondary radiator. It is attached to the main radiator. The most common failure of the heater core is a leak. Often, you would notice a major leak, due to the fact that the heater core is often located in the dashboard on the passengers side. (Often, the radiator fluid will leak out into the passenger cabin.) This is why, if your car is overheating, you should turn the heat on in the cabin to remove heat from the engine. However, you state that you still have heat. First, check your radiator fluid. If it's low, then there may be no fluid flowing into the heater core. Hopefully, this is the problem and you only have a small leak. It's a cheap fix, just keep an eye on your radiator fluid and take your car into the shop if the leak gets worse. However, I note two hidden clues in your question that lead me away from the above. You state that your car is a 1999 model and that you have to set the temperature to "80 or higher." Some of the premium models of cars have an internal thermometer. Some are mercury controlled, some are computer controlled. (I am not familiar with what system your car has.) If the thermometer or computer have an error, then the car may think that it is outputting greater heat than it really is. It could be a bad fuse or a short in the system. You would have to take your car into the shop for them to fix it. Good luck with your car!

4. Will your car heater work if their is only water in your cooling system?

nope it will blow. juust like your momma

5. there is a disgusting smell coming from my car heater when i turn it on?

you probably have a leak in your heater core which is under your dash. it may be the hoses connected to it or it may be the core itself. repair that and you will be fine

6. A car heater problem, need help bad???

change thermostat to one that is rated 180 degrees or higher. make sure heater controls work

7. why wont my car heater work?

If you put your hand on each of the hoses going to the heater and both are cold then there's no water flowing through the heater core. Flush the core

8. my car heater doesn't heat?

Replace the thermostat no change, Then I would look into the heater core could be plugged

9. why wont my car heater start heating until i start driving?

Two possible problems. Simplest problem being car may be low on antifreeze starving the heater core for water. car may even slightly overheat. Most likely problem is a slightly plugged heater core. The heater core and radiator sort of act like a filter for your cooling system trapping debris. Easy to flush depending on the car sometimes easier to change the core

10. why my car heater runs only after i worm up the car?

the radiator coolant has to get hot ,thats where the heat comes from

11. Car heater wont work, only blows cold air?

you probably have a bad dual heater control valve, or the blend door motor is stuck

12. can the car heater core be welded or glued?

That would be the a/c condenser that your talking about,the heater core is under the dash board. It depends on where the hole is if it can be fixed are not, if you know of a radiator repair shop they might be able to repair it

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