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My kitchen trash used to smell awful! Coffee grounds, banana peels, lettuce leaves, onion trimmings, orange peels, and plate scrapings all joined with an accumulation of papers, cans, plastic wraps, jars, and bottle caps to produce an unpleasant—and unusable—collection of refuse. Although I emptied the trash can frequently to reduce the odor in the kitchen, I had to hold my breath when I did!

Matches or Twizzler sticks...who collects,and where are your "collections" from?

I started collecting match-boxes back in the early 1970's... back when every and any business had matches for advertising. My matches came from almost every state in the USA, as well as England, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Baharain, the UAE, Australia, and Tasmania. I kept collecting thru my last cruise with the US Navy in 1997, and have it in storage. It's in excess of 2000 books. My Dad also collected match-books... He would pick up some for each kid also, and when we turned 11, we were able to control our own collection.

when do i collect my hens eggs? when i do collect do i collect them all?

Well, those eggs are not getting any younger for sitting under the hens. They go bad just like supermarket eggs. Faster because they are completely natural. I am thinking they should be pulled and refrigerated every day. Pull them all. The chickens will continue laying regardless.

What is the collective noun for monkeys?

Collective Nouns of Monkey can be different as per the situations and the sentence you're constructing.Some of the well know of them are :Troop, Barrel, Carload, Cartload, TribeI've been learning grammar from this nice app. Give it a try.Learn English - Space Adventure - Apps on Google PlayWhat is the collective noun of monkeys ?.

What's the most obscure album in your record collection and where did you find it?

Sir, It's an LP called "Mourning Phase" that was privately pressed in England in 71'. I had mail ordered it while in SE Asia after seeing an ad about it posted in the NME trade paper. It contains some very fine folk-rock music. Jim.

Is the following conjecture regarding rotational iterates of collection of points on a circle true?

Yes, the conjecture is true.You can assume without loss of generality that $varphi(1)=

ho(1)$ is smaller than the other angles. Pick $alpha>0$ so that for all $i>1$ you have $varphi_i>pialpha

ho(1)$. It is also clear that it suffices to find one $n>1$ such that $


ho(1)$.Consider points $nvarphi/pi$ in the hypercube $,1)^k$. Subdivide the hypercube into small subcubes of size less than $alpha/2$. By Dirichlet principle, for $N$ large enough two of the points with $nin ,N$ lie in one of the small subcubes. Their difference provides a number $l$ in the range $1leq lleq N$ with $lvarphi_i/pi$ within $alpha/2$ from the nearest integer for all $i$. There are two cases to consider:Case 1. $lvarphi_1/pi in ,alpha/2)$. In this case we can use $n=l1$. Case 2. $lvarphi_1/pi in (1-alpha/2,1)$. This is a bit more subtle. First of all, we assume that for $lin,N]$ with the above property this is the $l$ with the smallest $1-lvarphi_1/pi$. Then we increase the range of multiples to find $m$ such that all $mvarphi_i/pi$ are closer than $1-lvarphi_1/pi $ to the nearest integer. If this $m$ falls into Case $1$, then we are done. Else, by our assumption on $l$ we have $m>l$ and $n=m-l1$ works.

What should be the data collection strategy for our first Polystats Project?

First, a meta point- We probably should not have moved to this phase without finalizing the project question. So, I will wait a few days for any more opinions to come in and then get this thread locked. The next question will focus on which one of the four ideas we should work on our first project. Ideally, all of us should commit to working on the most voted idea (even if it is not our personal favorite) to maximize participation and to divide-and-conquer the project. After all, the point of Polystats Projects = 'massively collaborative data analysis'.Here are my answers to my four questions from the top:.

If marriage is a contract between two partners (same or different sex) that gives to the spouses a collection of rights to establish an emotional and sexual relationship, is it right to label unwanted sex as rape inside the marriage?

I took the liberty to shorten the question, removing from it every bit of information that is irrelevant:"Is it right to label unwanted sex as rape?"Yes, because that's part of the definition of rape.Marriage does not magically strips one from their right to not consent to sex, their consent is therefore needed for sex otherwise it's rape

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