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The 9 Family Ag High-Flow Tractors have two parallel hydraulic systems. The benefit of this system is that functions can be split between the two systems. Functions that require high flow and low pressure can be combined on one system (for example, air seeder fans, and planter motors). Functions that require high pressure and low-flow can be connected to the remaining system (for example, implement lift, fold, and constant down-pressure systems).

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Basketball Weight Lifting Question ?

I am going to give you a full workout. It includes Gym (upper body [pecs, shouldars, back, biceps, etc.,.] on monday and friday, and upper body [legs, abs, etc.,] on tuesday and saturday. The leg program automaticly includes the vertical program people constantly thank me for. And to sum it up, i've thrown in a basketball workout to improove your game. Good Luck! Flat bench press 10x5 Incline bench press 10x5 Pull ups, palm down 1xMax(10^) Pull ups, palm up 8x4 Dips, 10x5 Flat shouldar bench, 1x10 standing shouldar raise, 1x10 military press 10x5 Leg raises 1x5 Fingertip pullups 2xMax Fingertip hangs 1x1:00 Curls 20x5 Squats 1x10 Squats, hands in fron 30x15 Jumping Squats 20x10 360 degree jumps 1x10 Knee raises 1x30 Crunches 1x30 Reverse crunches 1x30 Cycles 1x30 Leg on couch crunches 1x30 Tip toe raises w/ ankles 100x50 Wall sits 1x1:00 Fingertip Pushups 20x5 Perfect pushups, 40x10 Fingertip curls 1x20 Seated Calf raises 40x20 Practice Basketball every day of the week with the following routine: It will get you good in all aspects of play. If you want, take sunday off. No other days. **********Starting up********** Run 10 made free throws **********Handles********** 5 under leg crossovers to mid-ranged shot. 20 drops, perfect. Scissor drill backwards, outside-in Scissor drill backwards, inside-out Scissor drill forward, outside-in Scissor drill forward, inside-out Scissor drill skips in place Saddle-flip to 20 V-dribble in front, 3 on each side One handed throw under one leg-pick ups Running- forward & back then crossovers, double under legs, spider. Walking-behind back, nonstop Toss up & catch behind Stiff-armed up & down tips Rhythm Juggle Bouncing Juggle Zigzag behind back Two ball dribbling-running, same & different, and low high. **********Post Work********** 5 Sprinter layups, bank, each side. 5 Sprinter layups, swish, each side. Mikan drill to 20 5 pivots, each side 5 back-in hooks 2 moving-jump hooks **********Shooting********** 10 foul shots 30 shots using pivot foot, shot fake. 20 more quick release jumpers 9 banks shots 10 high release jumpers 10 left handed jumpers 20 3 pointers Plus one, minus two. ********** Follow up********** 10 suicides Run stairs If you do not understand ANY of those handles due to their name, if you can give me best ask what to explain on in detail and i would be more than glad.

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