94 Buick Century Heater Core ?

it,s either the heater core leaking or the heater hoses are leaking anti-freeze into where the core is at and leaking on the floor. if it,s not the hoses then it,s the heater core

1. Aquarium on the wall help?

Aquariums that hang on the wall are not necessarily the best choice to keep fish in. It's much easier to get a real tank with a filter and heater. A 10 liter tank with a filter and heater would be a perfect home for a Betta.

2. electric heater or oil-filled heater? which one is more cost effective?

Both types are the same. The oil filled takes longer for the oil to heat up and then gives off heat a little longer. The portable heats the air faster and then lets it cool off faster when shut off. Both consume the exact same amount of electricity to produce the same BTU's of heat. The fan in the portable adds slightly to the cost. Around $1 per month if run 24/7. If you run the 1.5 kw unit 12 hours per day, 30 days per month, it will cost almost $50 per month

3. Pilot light on GAS heater?

Your thermocouple is shot, you can try cleaning it with a piece of sandpaper, but depending how old or if it's a natural gas or propane unit it should be changed by your gas supplier, or a qualified service person. Vinny

4. How to care For Tropical Fish?

alright you need a tank, filter, and heater. heat at 78 F. feed them once to twice a day, i feed them twice a day. no more than one inch of fish per gallon of water. clean monthly with a suction thing to get the gravel and water changes. i think thats the basics. good luck!

5. I need to install a nat. gas stove in a home that had one at one point. What kind of gas line do I need ?

Before you buy a stove, talk with your gas company. If the line has not been in use for more than 2 years, chances are they have abandoned it and it will cost you a lot of money to have a new line installed. If you are already using gas in the house, say for your water heater or heater, then a licensed gas fitter/plumber can get you a regulator and service line inside your home.

6. Heater is blowing Cold Air?

This is a great question and I have no doubt there are several people right now who want to give you the right answer. The best place for this Chevy Silverado question is on one of the several Chevy Silverado Forums. You can ask questions and your experience with your Silverado can help someone else. I have left 2 Links below to Chevy Forum sites. I hope this helps!

7. How do you turn a three seasons porch into a four seasons porch?

You would need to "condition" the space. Generally you will want to insulate it, and either connect it to the home's HVAC, or add some form of heating and/or air-conditioning appliance. A plug in heater is one of the simplest, but is expensive long term and has an increased risk of fire. Permanently installed conditioning appliances or connecting to the home's HVAC are safer and often cheaper long term, but more expensive up front. Failing to properly insulate the space will greatly increase the amount of energy needed to keep warm/cool

8. Which water heater would u like to use at home an electric or gas heater and why?

I use gas, always have. It is less expensive to operate

9. 91 Geo Metro heater not working?

you have air trapped in the system. There should be 'bleed' valves to get the air out. Some idea of what the vehicle is, like make model and year would enable a better answer

10. Is it better to add a hot water heater timer or add a water heater blanket or both?

Good points mentioned already. Check and make sure all the heating components are working: elements, thermostats, etc., also if the heater is over 10 years old you will probably be money ahead to replace it rather than repair it. It could be the diptube gone bad which would still give you short water even though all is working electrically. If I were to replace the heater I would install a Rheem Marathon water heater, it is life time warranty, plastic tank, and the most energy effecient heater you can buy. I have an 85 and a 50 gallon in my house for separate plumbing systems. It will cost you a little more upfront but well worth it. Instead of installing another water heater. I would replace it with an 85 gallon Rheem Marathon. We have a 120 gallon spa tub in our bathroom, we can run the washer, fill the tub, and wash dishes and have never run it out. If that is still not enough hot water, then install a storage tank instead of a water heater. If you pipe it with a bypass, then you can valve it out when you do not need that much hot water, storage tanks work best on ciruclating systems though. best of luck

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